{beachy decor & healthy recipe}

Hello and Happy Friday!!
It's fall break and I am off for the day!! YIPPEE:)
I spent the day ... my favorite way....just putzing around.

   grandma came over for some coffee
   Ruby and I took a 4 mile run...then came back for some P90X
   made a leisurely lunch
   had some vino
   did a little project
wrote a post on Simple Daisy...which your reading now:)
and am hoping to finish up with a little yard work!

Found my lunch inspiration over at Oh She Glows.
Love her blog...but have to admit I am a total lurker.
I was happy to have all of the ingrediants on hand to make these sweet little chickpea bites....as Angela calls them:)

I think they looked so good even L.C. and Ruby wanted some...sorry girls...none for you!
If you are a Simple Daisy Facebook fan and are wondering how L.C.'s doing....she is doing alright.
She has major arthritis and will have to be on meds for the rest of her life....but as long as she's happy....i'm happy!
She is my girl and I love her.....maybe even a tiny bit more than Ruby! heehee!
But Ruby trumps L.C. in the running department....Ruby was a born runner I think:)
Anywho...I sure hope L.C. has many more healthy, happy years left in her:)

You know...I just love days when I can spend time leisurely making something healthy to eat and then actually have the time to sit down and enjoy it! You are what you eat, right!?!?!?
and this meal was fantastic...
But just so you know...I subbed...lemon juice for the olive oil and added coconut in my wrap...who doesn't love coconut!!!

Well and since I was off work for the day...I thought it was the perfect excuse to enjoy a little vino with my lunch!!
Never too early for some vino!
Ok....maybe if it's 9am!

You can just head right on over to Oh She Glows for the exact recipe!
Besides...cooking and drinking wine....here's what else I did today!
I made this Shabby...Beachy....Wall hanger....is that what you'd call it!?!?!

I just painted an old piece of wood...drilled holes and added the shaker wood hooks. SIMPLE!
You could use it for just about anything....
but here's what I did with it today:)

I just love it!
{and ps...my walls aren't pink...I don't know why they photographed like that...they are a light creamy khaki color}

And here's a sneak peek at how I roll when I am trying to photograph a little something I made!
I make a mess out of my sunroom and then usually leave it that way for a week or so! Unless I am trying to be on my husband's good side.....in that case I hurry up and try to restore order as quickly as I can.....
Like I will today!

Ok then....
I am heading out to do a little yard work and then back in to clean up my mess!!!
I wonder if I can somehow attach a little wine glass holder to my lawn mower......
might have to be my next project:):)

Hope you have a super fabulous weekend!!!!

“Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels.” Bertolt Brecht


  1. Would you like to come to my house and decorate please ;-)

  2. Too funny, I was going to make those chickpea bites today as well. They looked so good on OSG.

    I heart your crafts and decorating! Have a super day off, and an even better weekend!

  3. I love your wall hook, it is perfect! I love how your tied the mason jars too! Might have to try that with all my left over jute!! :) Have a wonderful weekend and I am so glad that you had an enjoyable day! Sorry to hear about L.C., my Rodman has pretty severe arthritis too as well as a torn ACL but he does amazingly well with meds!

  4. The sun room scene is too funny. My DB wishes my photo taking was that neat!

    Sorry to hear LC has arthritis. Our Noelle is moving a bit slow these days too.

  5. Love the sunroom photo studio...you're so right about styling your stuff in beautiful light and your sunroom is the perfect place...love the part about having to clean up before hubby gets home...sometimes. :)

  6. Wow! You sure were productive. Your shabby shicy beachy thing is adorable! I think I'm going to have to check out the recipe for the chickpea bites now. yum.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. you are so brilliant my friend... brilliant and talented!! :)

  8. Oh you had such a great day...

    No wonder you still have the energy and creativity to make that lovely beach hanger.

  9. Just now catching up on my blog reading and I realize I'm posting about your previous post...heheh..alzheimers in full swing!
    OMG!!!!!! I cannot even imagine fall leaves that color. I've been searching for some fall color to make a new banner out of...and cannot find it here. Granted, we don't have the hard cold winters like you do but we don't have change of seasons either...:(
    We go from hot hot hot to kinda cold. You images were beautiful..I AM coming to see that part of the country someday. And your Chachere's is packed and ready for mail.....soon, my pretty, soon!!

  10. Your day sounds wonderful..., healthy, delicious and fun!!!

    Am loving, as always, what you created!! Remember those jars Pottery Barn style hung with wire..., well hang them with yarn instead, so much easier!! You're a little genius!!!!!

    Happy Time!

  11. Thanks for coming to my give away and so glad I stopped by to see what you made. LOVE IT!!!! I think I will go for a bike ride thanks for inspiring me today.

  12. I love your beach wall plaque with the pegs. That is so cute...and creative. I love your creations....awesome!!!

  13. I am so crazy for blue Ball jars. What a fun project and what a fun sunroom! Oh I would love to have a room like this off of my house. How cheery and fun! Glad you got to enjoy a fun day off. The chickpea bites look like a winner. I'm off to check out the recipe. Have a wonderful week!

  14. Seriously can I tell you how happy I am whenever I visit your blog. You always have the greatest pictures and best little beachy crafts. You do a great job of sharing with us all what its like to really live life to the fullest. Thanks- Keep up the good work! :)

  15. Love the Bronte quote! and those chickpea snacks look yummy...I'd have to try not to eat them all up in one sitting. Please give L.C. a scratch and a pat from me, glad she's feeling better with her meds...(give Ruby a scratch too while your at it!).

    All looks so beachy in your neck of the woods...makes me think of summer! xo J~

  16. Oh I love it! I need to find me a beach house somewhere. But there's just one problem....no beaches here in Wisconsin. Darn.

  17. I'm amazed at how much you accomplish in a day... a 4 mile run *and* P90X!? That's great!

  18. Saw your comment at In My Own Style and had to pop on over and check you out. I'm always looking for new blogs to read and yours is quite lovely!

  19. Gotta say...You are the cutest little wino that I know!

    on the lawnmower....shhhhesch!


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