{coastal christmas}

Well hello!!
Glad you all liked my goofiness in the snow:):)
Your comments always make me smile!!! Thanks for taking the time to leave little pieces happiness:)
And you know: when life gives you lemons.....you've got to make lemonaide!
Or in my case...when life gives me grapes....I make wine:):)
Of course....in typical Indiana fashion right after that snow it's been in the upper 60's and GORGEOUS all week.
Which is much better then the snow! But it was fun to goof around in it!! I really do appreciate the first snow!

Which puts me in the mood for our annual winter break vacay.
this time it's Puerto Vallarta.
{ps...the photo's from Key West last Christmas}
So if you have any have to check out recommendations....please send um my way!

Mimosas and sandcastles on the beach Christmas morning for me!

But even though i'll be gone for Christmas....we always have a big holiday shindig and since it's only a couple of weeks away I thought I better get busy transforming our home into a Christmas wonderland!

Who cares if Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet!

I am nowhere near done....let's just say....flour and salt will be in my future!!!
Stay tuned!!!

Oh and stay tuned for a lovely give-away on the day after turkey day!!!
Sometimes you can make the simplest of certerpieces out of things you already have!! This one came from everything I had on hand!! Yippee...
I really did tell myself...no turquoise this year!
I love those natural white & green christmas themes i've seen on the shabby blogs.
But I just can't do it!
I LOVE turquoise and I love glitter!! And really Christmas is one of the few times of the year when I can get away with the glitter!
So why not, right!?!?! 

Are you an early Christmas decorator or do you wait until Thanksgiving!?!?! I say...do what makes you happy...but maybe wait until after Halloween:)
Have a super happy weekend!

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart. ~ Unknown


  1. Love your coastal christmas look!!! So pretty. Makes me want to decorate.

  2. Beautiful beachy designs~
    Puerto Vallarta for the holidays sounds perfect... it is almost like snow. Except warmer and much sandier!
    Another friday's favorite for sure

  3. Your Christmas decor looks really pretty so far! I love your centerpiece! Puerto Vallarta huh? What a great way to spend Christmas you lucky lucky girl!!

  4. I think there is something in the water this year because I'm breaking my own rule and I just posted a bunch of Christmas pictures on my blog!

    I may have to break out a few things before Thanksgiving...yikes!

    I LOVE your turquoise and your house is looking lovely already!

    Kat :)

  5. i love it! I started adding a few christmas/winter decorations slowly so my husband doesn't complain. I have to wait until after Thanksgiving so I can get stuff from my mom.

  6. You can never have enough glitter! It's so festive, spot on for Christmas :)

  7. Your blog is so much fun! My daughter bought some of your beautiful earrings. I love them. She has been showing them off. Have a great day!!

  8. Go turquoise! Totally nice with all the silver sparkles...looks like your jewelry...I was checking out your necklaces on Etsy.

    I've pulled out all my Christmas stuff, getting my guest cottage ready...family coming and I want them to walk in on a holiday house. Orange is my usual thing...Florida oranges being the starting point...over at my house, it's usually blue and whtie/silver.

  9. I'll be decorating this weekend for Christmas b/c I have my open house next weekend! Someone else said it too, but I do wonder what's up this year...a lot of people seem to be decorating earlier than usual. Perhaps everyone just needs that high that comes from the holiday sparkle a little earlier this year!

    Your centerpiece looks lovely!

  10. You've put me in the mood...I guess I'll be dragging out the decorations this weekend to get a jumpstart on Christmas!
    Maybe it will leave me less stressed doing it early. :o)

  11. I love it!! I'm going to wait until Thanksgiving though. :)

  12. Hola amiga!

    Your house is so beautiful and how i wish I could come over to one of your fabulous get togethers. I love the twinkle lights I think I need to get some and have that brighten up my rooms and give it a little Christmas cheer. I am rarely ever home for Christmas, always on the road, so my decorations have to be minimal so that when I get back and school starts I don't want to pull my hair out, after the holiday hustle and bustle. your mantels look so pretty and i think yo uhave inspired me to move all my papers and junk off the dining room table and make a little cheery centerpiece. thanks friend, for always having such great ideas.

  13. such cuteness :)

    homemade simplicity, then you sparkled it all up !!

  14. I put up white ikea lights over my inside doorway already! Also, got some new ornaments and have crafted a few too.
    Beachy Christmas is right up my alley but you enjoooy yourself in Mexico while the rest of us shovel snow...HEE HEE

  15. I hung up my Christmas wreath today, and I don't think it is too early, and I plan to pull out more decor tomorrow, I am on a roll.

  16. I just love all of your Coastal Christmasy Decorations!!! I also have alot of glitter AND Turquoise and Purple in my decorations!! I just can't quite grasp plain red and green...no matter how hard I try!! I'd LOVE to spend my Christmas in Key West...actually I think we have stayed at that hotel....it used to be called Marriott's Reach Resort...next to the Casa Marina?? We used to go every year, but haven't been for awhile. Puerto Vallarta is wonderful too!!! You will LOVE it!

  17. Sounds perfect...to be on the island beaches Christmas morning. You are lucky! I say do it while you can. Your decorating is lovely. I wait till Thanksgiving week...but have a few glass ornaments out already..in colors of the sea. ox

  18. I adore your decorations! The turquoise is beautiful.

    I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to Decorate for Christmas - just so I don't confuse Jake : )

    I wanted to ask you if you ever finished reading Shrink Yourself? What did you think of it???

  19. Puerto Vallarto for Christmas???? You Go Girl!!
    But already doing Christmas decorating....geeze....send me some of your energy, plz!! I can't even get the thoughts to enter my head...I just realized this morning that Turkey Day is like next week. sigh...~
    and never, NEVER, give up your turquoise. Make me happy everytime I visit!!

  20. Ok....I am NOT jealous about your Christmas vacay. NOT at all.....(yeah, right....)

    Love your decor so far! And I'm with you on the more white sparkly lights the better. My plan is to keep it 'au natural' this year. Not as much glitz and glam. Just things from nature. But WITH tiny white lights! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  21. I saw these on Etsy today while doing some christmas shopping, and thought of you!!


  22. Hi Sweet Lady,
    I love to decorate early so I can enjoy the lights a little longer.
    Things are looking sparkly around your nest:)

  23. Gorgeous home! I love the way you decorate!!! We're all ready for Christmas, except no tree thanks to a rather large Weimaraner puppy who would love to knock it over!

  24. I love your decorations. I would like to get more centerpiece ideas using beachy stuff.

  25. I'm starting to THINK Christmas so I hope to decorate soon....maybe the day after Thanksgiving. Your decorations look so pretty. Love the lights around your mirror!


  26. Your dining room is GORGEOUS!! I love it!! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas too!

  27. GORGEOUS! I love all the turquoise and silver and glitter!

    I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate our house, but I'm so excited!!


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