Beachy Craft & Healthy Recipe}

Hello and Happy Friday to you!
How are you....how's your week been going!?!?!?
If I don't say it enough.....thanks so much for always taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by and say "hello!" I so appreciate it! In fact...you make my day:):)

Yes....wine please!

It's been a doosy of a week for me and now i'm sick:(
Nasty sore throat. DARN.
Plus I need to be really kicking my biking training into high gear....but it's not gonna happen.
I should know after 5 years of teaching that I get sick at this time of the year EVERY YEAR....yes I am the dork that documents those kinds of things:) :)

So i'm not going to beat myself up too badly if I don't ride the 100 miles this year....I might only ride the 75 or GASP....the 50. Either way....i'm not putting any rules on myself!!!!

Sometimes it's nice to take the pressure off yourself....just enjoy life! It's a busy time of the year for me and I will just accept that from now own....
Maybe in the future i'll schedule my 100 mile bike ride for the summer.....when i'm riding full tilt:):)
Do you ever find that you put too much pressure on yourself???

Even with being sick I made a super happy and healthy meal this week!!!!

It was so good....just rocked my face off:):):) and it was more than easy!
The vinaigrette was just ....
apple juice
apple cider vinegar
olive oil


I love healthy greens and am always trying to find ways to eat more of them!
I also had a little chili with it!.

Vegetarian but still delicious!
Just open cans of
corn and stir...!!!
I add...cumin, chili powder and drum roll please.....
franks red hot sauce for a super kick!
I can't say enough about this chili.........except that I actually can't take credit for it...
my husband made it the other day and I totally copied him....Franks and all!!!!!!!

It's been a little like autumn around here so I have been more than happy to eat my chili and have my red wine!

I love autumn .....just don't like what comes next:(

Even the dogs have been happy!

and I know it's hard to believe but Ruby has been chew free for quite awhile now!!! Yippee!!!!!

She hasn't touched a thing since i've been back in school....
I know....I've probably just jinxed myself:)

And you know....

I like to give you a little crafty inspiration.....

These little tags were super easy and would make fabulous hostess gifts!!!

Just chalkboard paint little wooden forms
glue them to burlap
tie some twine to them and then cover that up with a little shell!!!
Awww.....how happy:)

They could even be used as tags for your wine bottles!

Oh and I am thinking of doing another give-away here before too long...
I was thinking of give-away a cute little starfish hair pin.....what do you think!?!?!?!
Or I could do something else!?!?!?!

Hope you have a super happy and simple weekend:) I am hoping to get in at least one 30 mile ride......we'll see:)

"There comes a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it's not giving up. It's realizing you don't need certain people and the drama they bring." Unknown


  1. As usual I loved the whole post. Love all the crafty things you do. I am going to try the salad and the chili, what kind of canned beans are they? it looks so good
    Hope you feel better and have a great weekend Heather

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear you're sick. Get better soon! Love those wine tags. Fun. And that salad and chili - can I have some please. I can't wait for it to cool down just a hair more so I can make some chili again.

  3. Oh Heather,
    I can't get enough of you!!!! I check everyday to see if you have posted anything new. You just make me happy! I know you are back to teaching and I envy those students having you all day 5 days a week. I love your wine bottle tag craft as I love all of your pretty beach inspired crafts. I live in Long Beach NY. Just about 10 houses from the beach. I can see the ocean from my front porch. I am very lucky to live here. I am also lucky to have found your blog. I think I am your biggest fan and although I don't always leave a comment I check your blog out everyday. Thanks so much for lifting my spirits and inspiring me. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well, where the heck have I been? I hate missing any of your posts so I had to read back to see what you've been up to. Love both salads, the boats, the tags, and that magnetic starfish! How cool is that?

    I'm moving back to Florida, the country is nice, but I'm missing the whole beachy scene here and that just won't do! I need starfish and seashells, not roosters and cows.

    Sorry to hear your under the weather. I'm a firm believer that you do what you can do, and honey, you already do a LOT! Rest and feel better soon.

  5. Happy Friday to you, too, Dear Daisy! (OK, I know your name is really Heather :) but it's fun to say Daisy dearest)

    I'm sorry to hear you're sick but, with a positive attitude like yours, you'll be out of the sack soon.

    Check out my giveaway to see if there's anything to interest you...

  6. I am sorry that you aren't feeling well. Maybe a little vino will help th throat! :) Those tags are adorable! I love all your crafts and get excited when I see that you have done something new!

    It is easier when you take the pressure off yourself, makes things more enjoyable too. I hope you get to ride no matter what the miles are.

    That salad looks SO YUMMY!!! That is my favorite combo and I am going to have to try the vinaigrette!! It is time for chili! I was thinking about making some this weekend, I can't wait!

    I hope that you have a great weekend and you feel better!

  7. Take it easy on yourself when you're not feeling well! I just pushed myself too hard this morning, and am now sitting at my desk with ice on my back :*(

    I love the idea of corn in chilli - I don't usually like chilli at all, but I think that might help. I'll make my husband make it for me!

  8. Hey Girlie...

    Sorry you're under the weather! I had that problem a couple of weeks ago. It's annoying when that happens & you have plans/goals.

    I have to tell you that your quote today is perfect for me! I have been re-evaluating some things in my life & trying to downsize the drama. It has meant far less communication with people that were once very close to me. Although I miss them at times, I realize it is better to cut out the negativity & move on.

    I think I'm going to try your salad this weekend & maybe make my award winning chili!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your creativity & thoughts with us. You really are an inspiration!!

    Feel better & hugs to ya..

  9. That quote is so perfect and something that we all needed to be reminded of often!

    I hope that you are feeling better. Being sick stinks : (

    I know you will rock the bike ride - no matter how far you choose to go. Good luck with your ride this weekend - but remember that it is cool to take it easy if you are just not feeling up to it!

    The chili & salad look delish! I am going to try to start making my own dressings - you make it sound so simple.

    Oh, and yes please on the starfish hairpin giveaway! I am obsessed with that little pin!!!! It is the cutest!!!

    How is shrink yourself coming? Oh, I think that the bike that my friend gave me is too small : ( I will find one though - I am determined.

    Have a great weekend Heather - as always your blog is the best. It is hands down my favorite one!

  10. I think I have everything except the apple cider vinegar; bet balsamic would work.

    Oh to have your energy! Even when you're feeling badly, you run circles around me :-)

  11. Oh Heather! I am sorry you are feeling under the weather. That stinks! Thank you for the inspiration- I always enjoy your posts so much! Enjoy your weekend!!

  12. Hi Heather -hope you feel better soon!!! The chilli is so awesome for so many reasons. I love a quick, spicy, healthy meal! And greens..., oh, always! I can't even think of winter, I want to go to sleep and wake up in Spring -wouldn't that be nice!

  13. Sigh, I wish I had half of your talent and creativity. That salad looks amazing and I do think I could make that! In fact, when I'm in MN next week, with fresh fall apples, I'm for sure going to make it.
    Happy weekend!

  14. I love chili! have a great weekend :)

  15. SO look forward to your healthy end of the week recipes...this one...like most...looks like a winner!

    Feel better!

  16. I love those beachy wine labels... they could easily be swapped up.
    Another friday's favorite!

  17. super cute stuff! love the wine bottle tags. hope you get to feeling better soon...and good luck with the ride -- get those 30 miles :)

  18. I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick! I love the little Starfish Hair Clip...so cute!! The salad and the chili both sound great...will have to try them!!! What super little chalkboards!! I am happy now that I visited your cheery little corner of the blogosphere!! Sure hope you feel better SOON!!

  19. What a lovely post! I especially love the wine bottle tags!

  20. The salad dressing sounds yummy and the salad looks divine. Love the starfish!

  21. OMG those wine tags are soo precious and the hair pin -- oh my!

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  23. such a perfectly delicious autumn salad! Pears would be great in this too! I adore your wine tags. Chalkboard paint is so terrific! Yes, I do think your starfish hair pin would be a most lovely giveaway. I have some of your jewelery in my favorites on Etsy right now. I've been trying to control my urge to buy them for as long as possible. I'm trying to be more frugal but you make it hard! ;D

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  25. Just hopped over from Beach house Living...I love your blog and am a new follower. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  26. such a lovely find on a sunday afternoon, thanks to beach house living. i will definitely be back. making my favorite version of chili tomorrow....but, yours(?) has my mouth watering. :)

  27. Sorry you're feeling sick. Not fun.

    Love your little wine bottle tags! Very cute.

    Your salad looks delish. My favorite this summer has been romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, toasted pecans, feta cheese, crasins and Ken's Greek dressing. Oh.My.Word! Delish!

    Everyone around Blogland is thinking about Fall weather, decorations, etc. I actually did my blog post about how it's still very much Summer here in Florida although I'm beginning to think of Fall.


  28. Hi Heather
    Just popped over from Rita's blog.. Love all your creativity and positive energy,... and love that quote at end of post.. so true...

    I hope you feel better soon. Julie


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