{Starfish Hairpin Give-Away}

Hello there!
How are you on this fine Monday!?!?
Me....not so well....had to stay home due this terrible cold:(
Really bums me out when I get sick....I am a go..go..go kind of person and it just drives me crazy to just sit around and do nothing!
Well....since I have to just sit around...I thought it would be a great time to do a little Simple Daisy give-away!
More about that in a bit:)

but first....
yes....your life is 100% what you make it.
No matter what.....
Even if you hit a rough patch....you can choose how you will handle it and how much you will let it affect you.

Recently at work...I was chatting at lunch with co-workers and one in particular is going through what I would consider a rough time....she has her mother who has dementia living with her.
And now....for most people this would send them right over the top....but you know what...I was just so amazed at what a good attitude she had about this situation.
She laughed as she told us some of the "crazy" things her mom does.
and as I asked her about this situation....she told me "you just have to laugh about it...you have to keep a positive attitude."

I love to surround myself with people like this....
people who find the positive in everything! That's not to say that you can't have a debbie downer day every once in while....it's to say that so much of life is the attitude we have!

I have been in my own debbie downer mode recently....
gained a little weight...not too proud of that.
wanting so badly to follow my dreams...but have to pay the bills.
getting sick for the millionth time in a row....welcome back to school.
always being so hard on myself....can't ever think I am good enough.

but you know what.....
just as I was feeling all of those things.
I click on Beach House Living to read to the most lovely post about myself. I just cried. There it was all written out....all the great things I accomplish....the way I encourage others...all the things I dream to be.

I am all the things I dream to be! I just haven't spent the time looking at the positives:):)

So whenever you find yourself getting into a funk....have a really nice blogger write a lovely post about you...haha!
No really....
pick yourself up off the floor and write out all the lovely and wonderful things you do!!!!
I promise you'll feel better .... and guess what...when you feel good about yourself and your life....you'll be a better wife, friend, worker and person to yourself:):):)

So there it is!
Now head on over to check out Beach House Living! She makes the cutest stamped silverware....just perfect for a hostess gift:)

Whew....glad I got that all out of the way:):):)

Alright...you know I am a total beachy kind of girl!
While I don't live near the ocean I do live near the beautiful Lake Michigan!

And while starfish aren't found on the beaches of Lake Michigan they still make me super happy:):)

And I thought they would make the sweetest little hair pins:)

What do you think!?!?!?

And even better....it was fun to photograph these pretty little hair pins on the beach:)
And I decided one these happy hair pins would make a perfect give-away! Are you in?!?!

Life is a journey...the ups and the downs:)
And if you are always so busy wishing for the next best thing {like owning a shop} you don't get to truly appreciate the moments that make up life!

Now for the give-away~
Finally...you're thinking:)

One sweet little starfish hair pin! Measures 2 inches!

No rules for this one....
just leave a comment telling what makes you happy! And go out there and just be happy! Happy people make other people happy and since you are who you surround yourself with....let's make those people happy:):):)

Let's see....
This give-away will end Thursday night 9/16/10 at 6pm.
The winner will be chosen by random.org
I will announce the winner on my Friday 9/17/10 post!
Hope that covers it all....if not...let me know:)


and because i'm a dork......

Good Luck:)

The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1. ~Author Unknown


  1. Hi Heather-

    I hope you feel better soon. No fun being sick - try to look at it as a day off :)

    I read the post last night on Beach House Living. She was right on in everthing she wrote about you!!

    Try to enjoy your day as best you can. Hopefully tomorrow you will wake up feeling better.

    My best -Diane

  2. Hi Heather!
    Sorry you are feeling under the weather...
    The Beach House Living post has pegged you to a T. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts...seeing your creativity...your quirkiness...your thorough enjoyment of life.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. Get well soon Heather! I just read the post on Beach House Living, what a sweetie, she sums up the wonderful person you are, perfectly;)

  4. Oooh fun! I am happiest when I am being productive - when I have a clean home and am not completely behind on a hundred projects. Of course, that doesn't happen too often so I have to find other ways to be happy, too. Like just leaving the house if it is a mess and going out to do something fun. :)

  5. The color of my soul, Robin Egg Blue, makes me happy. My (5 month-old) son's toothless grin makes me VERY happy.

  6. hello
    awesome post! things that make me happy are as follows... sunsets on the beach, long talks with friends about our hopes and dreams,my husband, being creative,drinking vino,making fabulous healthy dinners, photography,riding my bicycle, tinkering in my yard , I could go on and on.... Guess when you stop and take the time we all have lots of things that make us happy and for that I am truly GREATFUL!!! hope I win the hair pin! I love them :-)
    feel better soon!

  7. I am sorry that you had to stay home today, I hope you feel better soon! If it is sunny there like it is here, go outside and "bake" the nasty away!!
    I was so happy to see Beach House Living do that post about you, you really are the sweetest and you deserve so much happiness!!! And it is ok to be "off" some days, we all feel that way (darn bills always get in the way!)

    I love you hairpins and your pics are gorgeous!!

    People like you make me happy, the beach makes me happy, blogging makes me happy because I have met so many wonderful people who truly care! and friends and family make me happy!

    Thank you for the chance to win! (I love your shop banner too, is it new?)

  8. Awww I hope you feel better soon! i also got sick :(

    My new kitty Momo makes me happy! Even if I am in the worst mood ever, she can just curl up next to me and change my attitude quickly!

    Have a great week!

  9. I hope you're feeling great again soon!

    These hair pins are absolutely adorable...so beachy and pretty! Anything beachy and pretty makes me super happy! :)

  10. The post on Beach House Living about you was great!!! :)

    Many things make me happy. Here are a few.....the beach (of course), my dogs, my cat, my close friends, my family, my skinny hazelnut mocha, beautiful sunrises/sunsets, glass fishing floats, my favorite music, good food & days filled with sunshine. Oh...and naps outside!!

    Thanks, Heather!!! Hugs & hope you feel better soon!


  11. What a great feature on you over at Beach House Living. And what a pretty pin which would also look great clipped onto just about anything! I would say being around all my kids makes me happy. I miss living near them.

  12. You know what makes me happy? The ocean, the color turquoise and reading your blog everyday. I get so bummed when you haven't posted anything new :( You really make my day!

  13. Your blog has blessed me and inspired me countless times! I love that Beach House Living captured you just the way I see you too. I'm most impressed with the whole power tool thing!!

    Things that make me happy: the color blue (any shade), those first couple sips of vino, the feeling of sunshine in the spring after a long winter, snuggling with my boys, going away with my husband, coming home to my big doggie, and meeting terrific fellow bloggers! :-) Those hairpins are mighty cute!!

  14. OK, I'm in on the hairpin! Very cute! What makes me happy? Family. Dancing. Travel. The Newest Thing.

    Sending get well wishes,

  15. I have my fingers and toes crossed. These would be perfect for our beachy wedding. If some other lucky person wins~ I'll just have to make my own!

    Keep smiling :-)

  16. I have always been in awe of all that you do. I am so inspired by you and if I haven't said it before - I'll say it now.

    Things that make me happy - working with my students, my pups, my nieces and nephews.

  17. heather girl..hope you feel better soon

    what a sweet way to spend an "off" day. someone will be sharing your starfish love ...and that is positively lovely!

    we love ya!

  18. I totally know what a downer day can be, and we should be allowed them, as they are part of the process. To paraphrase a quote, you need a valley to know how high the mountains are - (something like that).
    You are one of the most happy bloggers I have met. I enjoy your cheerfulness and optimism. Don't worry, you'll get back into the swing of things again. Just allow yourself to be.
    Hope your cold goes away soon! Give yourself some TLC!

  19. Great post to start out the week...reminding us to be positive and happy. We all have those days when we don't feel at our best. I am one of those people who is hard on myself, but try to stay positive!

    The two things that make me most happy are my children. I am at my best when I see them happy, positive, and just being the unique individuals that they are. Watching the impact you have on a young person is one of the most rewarding things in life.

    Stay positive and great giveaway!

    Chas @ A Woman's Haven


  20. Glad you're feeling better! The kids and their germs can knock you off your feet fast I've learned the hard way.

    Having supportive friends and family members makes me happy. Being a new teacher is stressful but having the support behind me helps me keep going.

  21. I hear ya Heather! I had been training for a Relay Triathalon and got that nasty sinus- cold for two weeks. I couldn't exercise, gained weight and felt down about everything. Dreaded the day of the Triathalon, feeling I would not do my best ( I bike), and we actually came in first place! Must have been the adrenalin! Any hoo...That made me happy to show our two teenage boys that if you folow through, even when your not your best, the outcome can be amazing! Get well soon! Cheers! ~ Kalee

  22. Hi sweetie -
    needed to read this. Am traveling this week in the Pacific Northwest visiting friends. Having fun, but getting behind in everything else in my life. Beating myself up for every little thing, thanks for reminding me that it's not really a very productive way to spend my time...

    Get better soon! PS Thank you for your wonderful e-mail, will respond as soon as I am back at my own desk later this week!

  23. Heather,
    Hope your feeling better soon.
    Goodness you are too kind. I didn't feature you for a return mention. Thank you! I just thinking your inspiring and thought others might enjoy getting to know you.

    A super clean house would make me happy. Right now it's a candidate for a cluttered house episode.
    More seriously getting to work safely everday, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, and flowers. My dearly beloved, my little dogs and my parents. Some days I forget these gifts and I thank you for reminded me how many good things I have and that the path to a dream no matter from how long ago or over grown it had become it is better to try even though it's late and fail then to have never tried at all.

    Best to you!

  24. Heather..

    Feel better! You are an inspiration and such a creative spirit! Lots if things make me happy wine & great conversation with an even greater time. Adventures with my Beautiful Goddaughter, Aurora and quiet Sundays with my Love..I guess that means being around my family and friends makes me happiest..the star fish hair pins are fantastic! Merci for the giveaway! xo

  25. I'm just gonna be honest here...which is usually what gets me into trouble. I not only want the lil starfish hairpin...and oh MY, you'll die when I tell you about my friends story about the starfish!..but I also want the blue jar you have them in!! Hahahaha..I want it all. And a sailboat too! You just have to hurry and open up a shop so I can shop till I drop!!! a million hugs to you, my friend!

  26. I love how you photograph your creations..., and all!! Many things make me happy..., including the thought that I have the power to feel good and be happy no matter what circumstance!

  27. Adorable!
    I just read all about you over at Beach House Living and I loved your blog instantly!

  28. Hey there! I just found you through Beach house and I'm so glad I did! What a lovely, inspiring blog-I am going to follow you woman! Hope you feel better soon.:)

  29. Wanna know what makes me happy? Surrounding myself with happy, positive, upbeat people like you! And STARFISH pins make me happy too. ;O) Feel better soon!

  30. Hope you feel better soon!

    Sitting on the beach reading a good book makes me very happy, and I get to do it often because I live at the beach!

  31. I hope you feel better! I read your blog but don't comment often. Sorry, I guess I just like to lurk, LOL!
    What makes me happy is my daughter's laughter, a good book on a cold & rainy day, going to the movies with a good friend and making someone smile.

  32. I hope you feel better too! These are so gorgeous, I am pretty much ready for summer to be over, believe me, but these make me want it to stay! So nice and cool, so, these beachy pictures make me happy! I hope I win! XX!

  33. Hope you're feeling better today sweet beachy friend!

    I'll go now and read about you at Beach House Living. How exciting! Congrats.


  34. Being sick is such a downer, but we aren't downers -- are we? NO...

    Being happy for me means being around my friends and family and my awesome better half. I am happiest when I am spending time with those I love and not wasting time, watching the clock, rushing to meetings or checking messages. My happy is the simple things in life that we take for granted... I try to cherish those times and soak it in.

    So smile -- it may not make your cold go away, but it sure helps.

    always -- Kate

  35. What a lovely and inspiring post :)

  36. Hope you are feeling better soon Heather! Loved this post...love your pics too! All things beachy make me happy...especially starfish...love 'em! Deb

  37. You are such an inspiration Heather and she certainly captured that in her review!!! Sure hope you feel better...I just adore all of your little touches!!! And I just know that you will one day live your dream...I can just FEEL it!! Feel better girl!!

  38. Great post! My baby boy's giggles make me happy :)

  39. Hi Heather
    What makes me happy? well that means I will be writing all day, so many things, my girls, my husband,God, the sun, every single thing around me makes me happy. My tea in the morning, many more beautiful things.
    I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I read the Beach House living post and it was so nice.
    Love love love love the hairpins. My girls and I just found the tiniest little starfish at the beach yesterday, if I don't win can you tell me what glue you used and I can make one for my little one. Love the turquoise beads wrapped around them too.
    feel better Heather

  40. Oh, I am so happy to see your name is Heather too! How great. I hope you're feeling better. I love the little hairpin and hope I win one. So here goes: one thing that makes me happy is to know that the relationships I'm building with the kids I work with is getting stronger and that they trust me to help them and take care of them. Great giveaway!!


  41. So many things make me happy, but mostly my family! But also when someone like you comments on my blog....thank you so much! Your post today was awesome!

  42. Aw, I hope you feel better soon!

    What makes me happy? A clean house, good food, a great glass of vino, and spending time with friends and family. And absolutely nothing beats hearing my 14 month old's little giggle.

    Those cute hairpins would make me happy too!

  43. I love how positive this post is! The lady you spoke of reminds me of my mom. She had to take care of her mom when she had dementia. It was so very hard, but she had the same kind of attitude about laughing and keeping positive. It was a great example. And it is so nice to read about someone like you staying positive. I hope you get well soon! I love your star fish hair pin! Sooo cute! I will have to say right at this moment good movies make me happy because I just got back from Going the Distance. Really cute movie!

  44. very pretty. and lovely beachy photos. what makes me happy? the beach. and mostly my son.

  45. Great post!! Love it and completely agree!! I consider myself a very happy person (hence the name of my blog), and truly believe that you have to have that mind frame... why be negative all the time?? Most of the people I know that are negative are typically unhappy in their day to day life.

    What makes me happy? everything and anything.. family, friends, good books, good food, the sounds of the ocean, a good bike ride, climbing to the top of a lighthouse, the smell of fresh mowed grass, seeing my new baby cousin, my boyfriend, the kitchen aid stand mixer, rainbows, life...should I continue? I think that is enough for now!

  46. I missed the giveaway! Boo! :( It's adorable!

    Sorry you're not feeling well... hope you feel better soon! Thanks for your date night tip on my blog! :) It lead me to your blog so yeyy! Now I'm going to browse and comment a lot, sorry! :)

  47. Feel better soon! I would proudly wear one of your darling beachy hairpins. My kids make me happy. Oh and baking up some super cute cupcakes is pretty darn cheery too.

    I love the photos of your blue jar in the sunshine. I have got to learn how to shoot photos in sun. Mine always blown out. I would love to take a class one day. :)

  48. What a beautiful blog you have. Love it and your positive message.

    Sending get well wishes your way. Cute photo. Cute hair clips.

  49. I will try my luck even if Im a little late ;0)

    My children make me happy and your hair clip in my daugthers hair will make evryone smile!

    If Im lucky I will send you a photo and I think that will make you smile to.

    1. time at your blog - loved it!Have a great weekend!

  50. I will try my luck even if Im a little late ;0)

    My children make me happy and your hair clip in my daugthers hair will make evryone smile!

    If Im lucky I will send you a photo and I think that will make you smile to.

    1. time at your blog - loved it!Have a great weekend!


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