{Autumn Inspiration}

Hello there & Happy Saturday to you!
Hope you are enjoying the long weekend:)

I know I am! I woke up early so that I could enjoy a full day of happy crafting before I head off to a tailgate party:)
Sometimes it's just so nice to stay home and get crafty!

First up....
if you happen to have any sheet metal or galvanized metal lying around.......you could make a happy little magnetic starfish!
We have that stuff lying around since my husband uses it for his work but you could buy it at Lowes or Menards!

All you have to do is:
draw out a starfish
cut it out with metal scissors {I think that's what they're called}pound it to give it some texture
paint it
drill holes in it
use twine to hang it!
And cute I think:) :) yes....no!?!!??

I also worked on autumnfying my home!
Since you know I love all things aqua blue and turquoise...I thought it might be ok to keep it around for my autumn decorating. Sort of a beachy autumn style!

Plus I didn't want to make new pillows just yet for the dining room.....since they are blue I thought I would just add a little more blue with the orange!

Oh and I got the candle holders from various thrift stores and just painted them!
I love how they turned out:):)

Well you know i've been making those crates.....
so I figured i'd build one this morning to use on my dining room table.
I think I am getting obsessed with building things.......thank goodness my gramps taught me how to use power tools:)

I love it! I think the blue and orange looks super happy:)
What do you think???
I might have wanted to do more cream instead of aqua.....but then I thought it would be good to just use what I had!

A very beachy autumn:):):)

I also spruced up the fireplace mantle......

wine bottles and twinkle lights.....how could you go wrong!?!?!?

and of course just after I snapped these photos I decided to have my first indoor fire of the season. It is pretty chilly here
Darn....would have been a much cuter photo. Owell!
Hope you have a super creative long weekend!!!!

Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine
~Sheryl Crow


  1. Just go ahead and sell those crates on Etsy already! I did a little research for ya, and your crates are way cuter than anything else like them on Etsy right now. Seriously! :-) Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. The orange of the autumn leaves with the aqua blue is so pretty! Orange is a wonderful complimentary color to blue, and I just love using small touches of orange in my beach cottage inspired family room/home office along with aqua accessories. :)

  3. So cute. I think the metal scissors might be called tin snips. I just called them the big scissors.

  4. I love your starfish and I am in love with all your little crates!! I can see how you can become obsessed with them, they can go anywhere!!!! Might have to try my hand at one of those!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Those crates are really cool! I agree - put them on etsy : )

    I love all of your decorations too. I would have never thought of turquoise and orange but I really like how they look!

    I am still waiting for Shrink Yourself to arrive - can't wait to read it. Are you still loving it?

  6. Definitely...put those crates on Etsy...they're wonderful!!! Love your fall look...and envious that you had a fire already. Today...even though I really LOVE this weather...the temp hit 93 degrees and the humidity is building again. We'll probably have our first fire around Christmas...even if we have to turn the AC on!
    Have a wonderful weekend...
    Jane (artfully graced)

    ps Another compliment on "your" earrings today... Have you ever thought about making some in orange/coral?

  7. I think the orange and turquoise just look smashing together!

  8. I am going to AUTUMN UP my house right now

    Yours looks GREAT

  9. Autumn??
    What's that??

    A sweet blogger wrote that she was sad to put the starfish away until next summer. That made me sad for her. Things we love are always appropriate, regardless of the season, imo.

  10. I love your Autumn-beachy look. It's very pretty! :)

  11. I love the star fish! And you home is so adorable. :) Happy weekend to you~!

  12. You surprised me! I never thought of using orange & aqua together; however it looks fabulous. I'm not quite ready to give up on Summer yet but I'll keep your post in mind when I start Autumn decorating.

    Hope you're doing well,
    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  13. I am DYING for that starfish!! Your mention of Menards reminds me of my days living in the bend "Save big money at menards!" Anyway how about that IRISH win!!! YAY!!!! Ok anyway, do love that beachy autumnal look you have shown us here, you are a genius! gonna paste your link on my sealaura fb page. hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  14. I love it all!!! I might have to go out get and get some stuff to "autumnify" my apartment!!! I wish it was cold here for a nice fire in the fireplace... today it reached 97 i think! Have a great week :)

  15. Perfect combo...orange and turquoise! Just perfect!! Love your autumn decorations!!! You made it into a magical autumn paradise!!!

  16. I'm loving your autumn makeover! Oh, and I love that vintage fan near your fireplace! Pretty pretty things! ;)

  17. Hi Heather-

    Happy Labor Day. I thought of you when I was going thru posts in my reader this morning. I came upon a table re-do by Pretty Handy Girl. I thought immediately of you and how you would like it - lots. Here is the url:


    Enjoy your day.
    My best - Diane

  18. Love the orange and turquoise together!


  19. Such a clever and talented gal, you are.

    Did you come in on Art Beat??? You should have a booth with all your Beach Art!


  20. Hey Heather! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I got my bike this weekend : )

    It belonged to a friend of mine who passed 1 1/2 years ago. Her husband recently called and asked me to take it, he said it made it easier for him knowing that I would love it and really use it - rather then just donating it or giving it to a stranger. It is super special to me and I will think about here every time I ride it.

    I am beside myself excited to have a bike right now, I can't wait to start riding!!! Woo.Hoo!!!!

  21. Blue and orange--natural complements to each other on the color wheel...your color instincts are perfect!
    Happy beginning to Autumn, my dear!

  22. Your blog is amazing!!! I love everything about it!!! I just love you centerpiece on your table! Happy new follower!

    Take care!

  23. I am already a fan of turquoise but who would've thunk it! Mixing it with orange.

  24. Very cute decor ideas. Loving the bottles with the lights on the mantle!

  25. I like the color you painted the candy light holders. I also really like the color aqua blue. It's nice to see candle holders in blue for once. Most of the time they are boring white.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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