{living wreath & healthy recipe}

Hello & Happy Friday to you:)
Hope your week has been going well!!!

Yes...Yes...live brightly:)
I have always wanted to make a living wreath since I saw it in a Martha Stewart book many years ago. This week I finally got around to it!!!
You can make one with herbs too but I chose to use little succulent plants....that way I wouldn't have to worry about watering it as often.

I also used a grapevine wreath, floral wire and some green mossy stuff.
Stick your plants in any way you can and just wire them to the wreath form. I am hoping they will just grow into the form and that the moss will eventually serve as a growing medium for the plants. I did leave as much soil on the little plants as I could. I will keep you posted on how it does:)

I hung it on my back gate.......

But I thought it needed something more.....so I just painted "Live Brightly" on an old piece of wood and added a little starfish.

So what do you think cute or not?! Have you ever made one????
OK now on to a healthy super simple recipe!!
I have told you about these noodles before....
Mung Bean Noodles.....they are the only kind of noodles i'll eat now:) They have 20 grams of protein and only 17 grams of carbs per serving!! I LOVE them and they taste great:)

Anywho...I was in a rush to make something quick to eat and this fit the bill just perfectly:)
~Mung Bean Pasta with Pesto & Tomatoes~
Cook the noodles according to the package
mix in some jarred pesto
chop some fresh tomatoes and add those in
I also put crushed red pepper and fresh basil in it!!!!
Oh....and add in a little Parmesean cheese and pour a glass of vino!!!

And since my cute turquoise umbrella was snapped off in yet another storm that rolled through we chose to enjoy our dinner ...in the shade...on the front porch.
Here's the view:)
I like to have options in my yard. I like little sitting areas everywhere.....sometimes I just get bored with the same view. Do you do that....move all around your yard to enjoy different views?!?!?!?
Oh and jewelry class has been going swimmingly:)
I am so excited to be using solder and torches!!!!!! I definitely love this kind of jewelry work! Here is what I made the other day!! At this point we are using copper.....much more inexpensive than sterling silver to practice on.

Anywho....it's a cute little daisy bracelet:)
I wish it were in sterling silver with a little turquoise bead in the center....cute!!!

Nevermind my hairy arms......just wanted you to see how the bracelet fits:)
What do you think for a beginner!?!?!?
Either way I just love the class.....it's super fun to learn something new:)
Hope you have a really fabulous weekend!!!! I don't think we have any storms in the forcast....whewww.....maybe I can coax my husband into starting our deck! We'll see:)

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” Ashley Smith


  1. That pasta dish looks like the perfect summer meal. So glad you're enjoying the class. How fun! You are so creative I swear. I love love love checking out your ideas.

  2. your wreath looks like a fun project..and i your daisy bracelet is simply 'dorable!
    has a happy look to it ;)

  3. Love the wreath. I've always wanted to make one of those.

    Where do you get the mung bean noodles? An asian market?

  4. Hi Allie....
    I get my noodles at a local health food store:)

  5. That bracelet is so cool!!!!

    I have looked for those mung bean noodles online since you commented on my blog about them. I definitely want to try them out. That recipe looks delish!!!!

    When I search for them all I find is a transparent thin Japanese noodle and it has no protein in it??? Do you have a brand name or a website?

  6. Jessica...
    Here is one place:)
    Good luck! They ROCK~

  7. Nice job on the living wreath--Martha would be proud!
    Have a great weekend dining outdoors...if you're lucky enough to escape the summer storms.

  8. you little martha, you!!! It's so cute. May have to try one of those myself!
    And going right now to find those noodles.....thanks for that lil gem!
    Your street looks so cozy...bet there is alot of gossip taking place there on a late sunny afternoon!! heehee....

  9. Love the wreath! You did a great job and the sign is the perfect touch!
    I would love to take jewelry making classes, I have worked with soldering before but there aren't any classes where I live, kind of sad :( The bracelet is beautiful!

  10. Your wreath is amazing, It looks perfect with the home made sign and the starfish. I'm going to have to go poke around on the Martha Stewart site more often....love the mung beans, I think I'll give them a whirl! Your jewelry sodering class looks interesting, cute braclet!

  11. Your wreath looks so fresh and pretty, especially with the scrap of wood (great idea!) and starfish! I am so excited about this recipe; I had never heard of Mung Bean Noodles and can't wait to try them out as I'm always looking for ways to up my protein. Your front yard looks AMAZING!! I am soooo in love with it! And that bracelet is so cute and simple; definitely something I would wear, especially in that copper tone!

  12. P.S. You should definitely try making your own deodorant. It's super easy to do and you don't have to worry about the health effects of all those crazy additives.

  13. I love your wreath; it's just beautiful! I wish we were next door neighbors. I love to garden.
    Happy weekend! :)

  14. I think we need a close-up of your fabulous-looking flip flops that peek into the photo!

  15. I love your wreath. We have bowls of succulents outside and a few things inside but I really like those wreaths and yours came out really nicely. I'm interested how it does if you wouldn't mind sharing.

    Sounds like your loving the torch! Fun isn't it and copper way cheaper to practice on. Those copper daisies might look cure on the rope of your planter boxes or even your new wreath the weather will turn them that cool green aqua shade verdigris.

    Have a wonderful week.

  16. That wreath is amazing! I love it!!! I'd buy one ;)

  17. The wreath is so pretty. I have never attempted to make a living wreath.
    The pasta dish... ohhhhhhhh! it looks devine. Having just returned from a great vacation (from my diet and workout) I have an extra 4 pounds back on the scale.. now I've gotta behave!

    Everything looks great as usual!

  18. This wreath is BEAUTIFUL!! I was all excited to try and make your daisy wreath.. then you go and make this one!! You make such great and creative things!!

  19. Never mind the hairy arms??? Why would I mind?? I love women that have hair on their bodies......its very sexi and I appreciate the photo!!

  20. Never mind the hairy arms??? Why would I mind?? I love women that have hair on their bodies......its very sexi and I appreciate the photo!!


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