{simple summer days}

Well hello there:)
Have I mentioned just how much I love summer?!!? Just kidding:) I know you know that already!!!
The other night I coaxed my husband into having "date night" with just the two of us!! Do you ever do that with your other???
It's not always easy for us because we are people people!! We love to have our friends around us but every once in awhile it's nice to re-connect and just do something together!
Guess what I wanted to do.....
you got it.....go to the beach:)

I love this beach.
It's secluded a little challenging to get to and usually there aren't too many other people there:)
Let me tell you....there were almost no people there because it was HOT & HUMID...just the way I like it!

We weren't there too long....just long enough to have a little vino for me & a margarita for him!

But it was absolutely beautiful & even better since there were hardly any people there!
I love the huge dunes at this beach.....
We didn't climb them this time....it was just too hot!

All I know....is that this was the perfect summer evening too
tinkering on the beach...taking photos...drinking wine & spending time with my honey:)

These are all the photos that I go back to time and time again during the long midwestern winters. They help me remember just how pretty it is here int he summer & that happy times will happen again:)

I do feel happy that if I must live in Indiana at least I am only a half an hour from the beautiful Lake Michigan:)
And I do feel super lucky to have such a wonderful husband! He is so easy going and is "mostly" willing to put up with my antics.
Hey...let's do this....can you do that....don't mind me I just tore out the "you name it".....I have a project in mind...can you drop everything you're doing and help me:)
Like...let's go to the beach when it's a million degrees out and look for beach rocks....{I have a project in mind}
But see....he's always willing to do it!! There is nothing like being married to your best friend and most proud supporter:)
and every once in awhile....I compromise too:)
I wish we had pelican's ....we don't....but we do have seagulls!! And they are pretty happy too:)

Too me there is just nothing like having a little sand on your toes:)
And for goodness sakes....why didn't anyone ever prepare me to have to shave my toes when I got older....
I am learning that as I get older...hair just grows everywhere:)
Owell....at least I am getting pretty handy with the razor:)
PS...I know a couple of you asked about a close up of the flip flops...here it is:)
I am going to try and whip up a similar pair of these soon:) Along with all the other things I have rolling! But really....I think it would be pretty simple to do! I'll let you know:)
And our evening ended at the happiest place that we just ended up finding:)
A cute little bar on the water!!
We will be back....oh and they are dog friendly....so we could bring the girls:)
couldn't resist a Summer Shandy....love it:)
And on a side note....
even the frogs are "happy" in the summertime!!!

Now those are some happy frogs....and the tiny flower in the photo makes it look even happier! Who knew moss bloomed:)
Hope you have a really fabulous weekend!! I know I am soaking up every bit of summer that I can!!!!!
Take care~

The trouble with simple living is that, though it can be joyful, rich, and creative, it isn't simple. ~Doris Janzen Longacre


  1. There are days that you just wish would never end, that seems like it was one of those days!

    My hubby and I are super social too so it is hard to get time with just the two of us!

    Beautiful photos : )

  2. Nice summer shots! I'm glad it finally came for you!

    That frog pic....WOW!

  3. Lovin' those dunes! Glad you had a great time with your hubster.


  4. I love living by Lake Michigan. We are only about a mile from it and I love sitting on my deck listening to boats. The coast line is so beautiful and the sand dunes are so so much fun! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!
    And about the hair, that made me laugh because I was just saying to my friend that it amazes me the places that I have to shave now!! Toes are definitely one of those places!!
    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Boogieboard CottageJune 27, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    I love your pictures, especially the one with the wine glass and starfish on the shore, really good photography. If you have a minute sometime, please visit my blog, I'm having a giveaway! Have a great weekend, Mary

  6. Loving your photo of the wine glass with the starfish in the sand! Can't do that around here!

    Cute frogs too.

  7. Waaay cute post! Glad you're so happy, happy on Lake Michigan where no one keeps you from drinking wine on the beach.

  8. Hi Becky....
    I think it might be frowned upon a bit....but since it's a beach where there are no lifeguards and barely any people...I figured i'd go ahead:)
    It does say no glass on the beach....but I was careful!! :):)

  9. Such a happy post! Beach (even if it is Lake Michigan ;-p ), hubby, vino...not necessarily in that order....all makes for a wonderful day.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  10. Looks like an amazing time, amazing beach and a pretty amazing guy!!!!
    Glad that you had fun!

  11. Your blog always makes me so happy when I stop by!!! It is one of my HAPPY Blogs!! It makes me SMILE!!! You sure have a good time girl!! Love, love, love all your beach shots!! Years ago I went on a beach vacation to Lake Michigan and fell in love with the place. Since my husband just retired, I think we should go back there again...I can't remember the name of the city where we stayed, but I know it was near the Sleeping Dunes National Park. I will never forget that vacation because on the way to the airport for our flight home...some guy ran a stop sign and hit our car broadside...totalled the rental car...it was unbelievable. But I still have Beautiful memories of that beach and the beautiful blue sky and the cool nights (it was September)!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Monday to you!!

  12. gorgeous shots. the first one of the wine glass on the beach is very beautiful and I would even hang it somewhere in my villa, prob the kitchen! The first time I went to the dunes, it was a hot and humid day and I was dying!! I love how you embrace it all and enjoy it. Apart from making gorgeous jewelry I think you are also quite the photographer. They should hire you to do brochures for the Indiana, with those shots, I might consider going back and living the simepledaisy lifestyle!

  13. You are so darn cute!! Just bubbly and it comes thru so warmly in your posts! Word to everyone above who said you just make us happy everytime we read your words and see your pics.
    I'm definitely putting michigan on my list of to-sees when we do our big road trip! But most definitely in the summer....your winters scare me...heheheh!
    and you have GOT to tell me how to make my pics bigger on blogger...I cannot for the life of me figure it out!!
    Now, I'm wondering......hmmmmmm, how will simpledaisy incorporate aqua into her 4th of July post!!!!!
    hahahahahahahhaha....given you something to think about now, eh?11

  14. Wow - these shots are amazing. I had no idea Lake Michigan was so beautiful.

  15. love your vino on beach shot and of course the frogs are priceless!!
    looks like they were on date nite too!

  16. That's such a beautiful stretch of beach..., and you guys seem to find the coolest spots for drinks!

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  18. aww those frogs are adorable!

    I'm not sure where I was but I saw something with a daisy on it and thought of you... which led to a 10 minute convo with my husband about your posts and how I want to do a bunch of crafts that I see all the time on your blog :)

  19. Beautiful beach... and that's in Indiana? We don't have a whole lot of dunes here, which is something I loved growing up on the East Coast - it makes me happy to see pictures of them :)

  20. Ooh, just getting caught up on blogs and this is the best post I've read out there. I love your date night. It looks absolutely perfect. Beautiful beach and vino!

  21. Heather-
    I am in LOVE - real LOVE with your beautiful blog! Love your pictures, your crafts, the stories - what a wonderful place to visit.

    We love the beach also - won a condo on the beach in Florida - but sadly, dont live there. We live in KY - so it is a bit of a drive to get to our beach!

    I am just so happy to have found your fun and interesting blog. I am now your newest follower!

    Happy days~~~


  22. Oh goodness, the frogs! Hah. And I have to shave my toes too. Shhhhhhh.

    Your hubs sounds awesome and I love that he is your biggest fan! Loved these shots and I so love places like that on the water.


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