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Well hello & how are you?!?!?
Things have been a little CRAZY here! We had some major storms roll through and were without power for several days. We lost a couple big pine trees but luckily none fell on our home:)
I tell you....really makes you appreciate a little electricity when you don't have it for a few days....and it really makes you stop and think about what it would be like to really go trough a natural disaster like a hurricane.
Anywho...i'm just glad to be back to normal!!!

Recently I discovered glass floats after Kamichia of
The Glass Float Junkie connected with me via my blog:) Let me tell you....these little glass floats are so cute!!!

There are just so many things you can do with them. I chose to put mine in a silver bowl with some starfish!

I just love the color of them! and can you believe she collects them off the beaches in Alaska! Amazing:)
Check out her
shop if your interested!
I put this display in my dining room!
Beachy cute:)
Makes me so happy whenever I walk in my front door....that's the first thing you see in my home when you walk through the front door! Kooky..I know...it used to be the formal living room but I made it into my dining room....I think it works!

I also used another of the glass floats on my little table in my sunroom:)

I love everything about these floats....they're vintage, they're aqua blue, they came from the ocean and really sweet girl collected them from the beach!!!!!! Check
her out if you're interested in getting a couple for yourself!!!!! You won't be disappointed:)

On to other things.....
At least the storm didn't tear up my garden too much!
I've got tomatoes starting and tons of lettuce to eat!!!!!!!

I am so excited about my garden this year and I can't wait to do even more with it next year!

Oh and here's a little project I had my husband do for me....
let's see what you think!

Our friend's recently put up a privacy fence in their yard and instead of letting them throw away the scraps I took them! I had my husband build some planter boxes out of them! I think they look sort of beachy and they will keep fading as time goes on!
I just adding some simple beach grass and wallaaa.....not bad for FREE:)

The only thing I want to do is add some kind of something to the tops......

I thought about rope...like this....or maybe some kind of metal something or other.
What do you think?????

Oh and here's another one with petunias in it!
I love petunias....they're just so happy:)

See....never throw anything away!!! I am sure it can be used for something!!!
What projects have you been working on!??!?
And lastly....just a little picture of starfish on my fence:)
You know how I feel about starfish.....I LOVE them:) :) :)
My husband would love to replace the old fencing....but I say NO WAY...I love how it looks weathered and worn....It's my backyard beach oasis...without the beach:) New fencing just wouldn't have the same beachy feel!!!
Hope your week is going swimmingly! I'm off to ride my bike and do my chaLEAN workout!!

Weather means more when you have a garden. There's nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans. ~Marcelene Cox


  1. So glad that you guys are ok at least. Love those boxes - maybe you could alternate and do rope on one then metal on the other, etc.???? I just adore the beach theme you have going. I need another house to do the same (a beach house preferably)!!!

  2. I love the floats! Her shop is great and I need to get some soon! Your display looks beautiful and I know the feeling about walking in and seeing something that reminds you of the beach and you just smile!

    Love the planters! What a great idea. I like the rope around them.

    We got the storms too and luckily we never went without power. Amazing we didnt, we are usually the first to go without with all the trees around us!

  3. Good Mornin, Sunshine!! Love the balls and now you've just given me the idea for my next blob post!! HeeHee...you'll see!
    Ding..ding..ding!! *Idea* how 'bout tying the rope around your planters like you did, but also attaching one of your blue buoy balls to each one?? With a starfish sticking out of it??
    Man, oh man....I so wish we lived closer to each other. We'd have a blast decorating every single thing in our houses with beachy beach stuff!!! Mine is almost tacky, it's so aqua and 'shell-filled'!!!! But I love it and there is a story behind each and every thing I put into my home from our travels!!
    Off now to take some pics for my next post.....thanky you very much!!

  4. Boogieboard CottageJune 22, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    Hi Heather, Thanks for the link to the glass float site! Imagine that she found thousands of those for free, how cool is that? They look really nice the way you have them dislayed. I like the way the rope on your new planters looks, more casual and beachy than metal. Although metal would look very nice too, but you just can't beat rope for beachyness! Mary :O)

  5. I just bought (3) of Kamichia's floats also. (2) with the netting and one of the roller types. They are true treasures! I'm going to post both of your buttons to my blog. Have a great day!

  6. I am digging the nautical glass floats!! I am very fond of those! I think they are so neat!!!

    And the planter boxes look very natural and have a simple beauty to them!! Very nice!!

    You always create such pretty things!!

  7. I adore Kamichia and all the beautiful float she collects -it's definitely one of the favorite posts I did!! I still don't own any though..., I guess with a move in the future (IF we can sell our house!), shopping is not on my mind. I love those planters!! What a awesome idea, and the grass is just perfect!

  8. No power is no fun! I remember going through four hot, miserable days when the hurricanes came through Florida in 2004.

    Anyway, I love your glass float display, I read her story on Maya's blog recently and the photos from Alaska were amazing. I have three, but left them outside in my garden and the netting eventually rotted off. Next time I'll keep them inside.

    Your free planters look fabulous and I love the rope. I would just dangle some seashells (of course) from the tie. You could also stencil on a few starfish in a very subtle color, one that almost matches the wood.

  9. No power...NO FUN! We went through many days of no power...and a tree resting on top of the house (brances kept it from going through) during the hurricane season of 2004. Glad you survived your storms!

    Love the glass floats! and the planters. The rope is an interesting idea...maybe a heavier (thicker) rope, tied with a "nautical" knot. Add some dangling shells or starfish to complete the look.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  10. Oh I lOve everything!!! Those glass floats are amazing...I was at her etsy shop last week trying to decide which ones too buy...I like all of them! Those planters look great! Very beachy. I'm going to show my Carpenter hubby because he could sure whip some of them up in a jiffy. I didn't know you have a pool! Love your not near the beach...beach house!

  11. Jane is a genius....great ideas for your planter boxes--I think you should do them.

    I love doing the sisal/shell danglies and hanging them on the backs of the chairs in my Florida house.

    You and Jane make me long for my beach house but I'm glad to be out of the way of hurricanes. Tornadoes in the Midwest, though? That's another thing...

    Stay busy, girl! You're a true entertainment in Blogtopia.

  12. Wow sounds like you have had a rough time. I am glad that you are ok. Your post is full of gorgeous things today! I love them all. THe glass floats are fantastic, the planter boxes are great (you are a lucky gal to have such a handy hubby)and I like the look of the rope on them! Your three little starfish all lined up are just so cute! Have a great day. xx

  13. planters; awesome. good thinkin!! can't wait to check out those floats; glad you fared alright through the storm although it sure is a hassle while you are in the thick of it, isn't it?

  14. hey girl...

    thanks for the plug on the floats!! i think i have one of the coolest hobbies/jobs ever!! :)

    i'd take you all beachcombing if i could! there is nothin' like finding a float on the beach! even better is finding hundreds, which i've been spoiled with being able to do!

    btw...i'm beginning to notice starfish more. i think it's because of you!! :)

    k >))'>

  15. 光這幾句話就價值連城了,讀著讀著小弟的眼眶就濕了... .................................................................

  16. Love the floats. I think I am going to pick up a few for my back porch area.

  17. I love how you used the glass floats - they are simply fabulous! She is so lucky to have access to all those floats in Alaska.

    Glad your garden made out okay :O)

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  18. Glad to hear you're ok(as is your garden). The boxes were a great idea! I was thinking, metal hardware like crates/barrels have?
    Anyhow, the floats are gorgeous.

  19. Your floats look great. I think I read about her on Maya's blog too.
    Your planter boxes with the rope looks good, why not just tie a few starfish and shells near the knot. This way you can change it to your liking anytime you want...Holiday time do red, having a party match the color. I like things I can change on a whim.

  20. I love your seaside decor, those glass floats are really something :D


  21. Being creative is fun, It creates outstanding result!

  22. Very nice-I need you to come to my house and help out my decorating. You have quite the talent. Hope you had a good workout-I rode 23 miles tonight.

  23. Your yard is beautiful! No wonder you love summer so much!


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