{Fresh Friday: healthy recipe}

Hello there and Happy Friday to you!!
It's been pretty fabulous around these parts....
The flowers are starting to bloom like crazy! And I don't know about you....but I LOVE flowers!
I just think it looks so happy when you have lots of flowers at your front door....makes people think it's a welcoming place:)
Plus I think it looks sort of cottagey......

The fish in the pond seem pretty happy.....even if i'm having an algae over bloom problem...

I think I need more pond plants to off set the algae blooom?!!?!? Anyone have a pond & some advice????
Now for a little healthy recipe!!!
My herbs are starting to grow like crazy....so I got to pick some for my recipe:)

In true simpledaisy style I crammed the tiny herb garden too full of plants.....so when all those tiny plants really get to growing....it will be completely overflowed with herbs!!!! Owell......
I made.......
~Blackened Mahi with Tomato Avocado Salsa~
I know I have made tons of variations on this theme....hopefully I haven't made this before:)
But really....I love blackened fish and I love salsa....so I always chop up some kind of ingrediants and make a salsa.
Blackened Mahi....grilled
I use chili powder, paprika, fennel seeds, & Cayenne pepper!
For the salsa...
lime juice
sea salt
I just love fresh food!! It makes me so happy:)

I also grilled some green beans and fennel with lemon juice and dill.........
then added some feta after they were done.

yum...yum...and more yum:)
Green beans are hands down one of my most favorite vegetables! I might have to try growing them in the garden next year!!!! I think they are pretty good blanched and dipped in hummus or any other dip.
We've also been pretty busy with more of my crazy projects!
My poor husband.....
Here he is trying his best to ignore me as I tell him all the ideas I have:)
Hey Honey....let's rip out all those bushes behind you and build a deck........
Good thing he loves me!
Oh and L.C. is in the full summer shedding mode....
Maybe it's the warm weather we've been having! But here's what it be like if you came over and were to pet her:)

You might even be lucky enough to have a little hair in your food if you were to eat here:)
Even Ruby is covered in L.C. hair!

L.C. says....just love me...I can't help the hair:)

Hope you have a really lovely weekend!!!
I know I'm heading up to Saugatuck, MI today. I just love that place:)

“Be happy. It's one way of being wise.” Sidonie Gabrielle


  1. Your front entrance looks very welcoming and your herb garden is so lovely! Your photos make me long for warmer weather! Your girls are adorable and I have seen my hubby in that exact same pose many many times! xx

  2. Seriously had to laugh out loud about the "ideas" comment. I know my husband want to just strangle me sometimes when I get going with my brilliant list of ideas! Too funny. Your yard and flowers are just gorgeous!

  3. I was just thinking I would love a pond with some koi fish this morning. We have some in the building I work in and I love them.

    Have you tried the furminator to deal with LC's shedding?

  4. The recipe looks so good! Sitting outside by the pond and having dinner would be a great way to end the day!

    I have a shepherd too and I vacuum everyday!!! I can make another dog from the hair he loses!!! Poor guy!

    Oh and my husband has perfected the art of ignoring me as I tell him all my plans for our house! Good luck!!

  5. I'm tryin' your salsa as soon as I get back from the grocery store!
    Have a great weekend in Michigan! I'll be stuck here in Iowa--in the rain.

  6. hi heather...

    you know, glass floats look great in koi ponds!! :)

    it's only 6:15am here in AK & just the sight of your recipe makes me hungry. might have to go to the store & get the ingredients for that!! could prob get some fresh halibut though! yum..yum!

    love, love the flowers!!

    have a great weekend!!

  7. I need to eat more fish - no doubt about that. That meal looks delish!

    Your gardens are inspiring! I definitely have got to build (or get the hubby to build is more like it) some raised beds next year. At least a couple of small ones for Jake and I to have fun with : )

  8. I can never get enough of your yummy recipes. I had some mahi mahi this week and it was awesome. I usually eat lots of salmon but this is one of my new faves. and avocados, yumm, I may not have anything to eat in my house but I always have an avocado and a mango. it is the latin american in me! :) Your pups are so gorgeous, I am so in love with them. The way we avoid the fur prob is by having a white couch! LOL don't worry we still vaccum and I recommend the dyson, w/o that we would be drowning in white fur. have a great weekend!

  9. I'm with you on the salsa thing! The decision of what to grill or cook usually revolves around what salsa ingredients I have on hand. I love making fresh, but when I discovered Chachies Mango Peach Salsa at the supermarket I fell in love!

    I also love green beans and NEED to try your recipe for that for sure. Could I just come over and hang out at your house this summer?

  10. Your flowers look beautiful! I love that you have a sweet little pond too!

  11. What a welcoming entrance to your home! Your bloomies are gorgeous...they must love your IN climate. Love your dogs! Shedding is a big deal around here, too...even Hurley, who isn't supposed to shed leaves little black hairs everywhere.

    Your salsa looks delicious! My favorite (right now) is peach salsa, made with fresh peach, cilantro, orange peppers, jalapeno, and red onion. It's fabulous with grilled fish or chicken.

    Have fun this weekend...

  12. you and your herb garden are too cute!!

  13. Beautiful blog!! It's just lovely and so welcoming. :) And your home is beautiful! Are you in Michigan? That's where I live!

    I just love recipes with fresh herbs... or any fresh, homegrown ingredients. I've been trying my hand at a garden this year, and so far, so good!

    This recipe looks delish!!


  14. I love flowers too as if you didn't know that already. I just can't stop taking photos of them no matter where I am. I had a German Shepherd and yup hair ever where but they are such good companions.

    A few more lily pads will help with Algae in the pond. We got a floating planter which also gave the fish a place to hide from the heron that likes to eat them.

  15. OMG i love your flowers :) I try to keep mine alive as long as possible and people give me plans that they swear I cant kill... but i do anyway some how!!

    Your food looks delicious, I love green beans :)

  16. everything looks amazing ~ as usual.
    The flowers are stunning and the fish.. ohhhhh yummy!!!!!
    Have a great weekend

  17. Thank you for sharing some of your summery warmth! Here in Seattle it's freezing! I'm all scarfed & sweatered up!

    The fish looks yummy...the flowers are beautiful and your herb garden is impressive!

    Happy sunny weekend...xo J~

  18. Your house is adorable! I know what you mean about cramming in herbs. Mine are presently out of control. What cute dogs! My boyfriend's St. Bernard is becoming a nest-maker from his winter fur. I can't believe how much dogs can shed!

  19. Boogieboard CottageJune 20, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    Hi Heather, I just recently found your blog and became a follower. I love your blog, it's full of such great recipes and decorating. You make some very lovely jewelry and you've inspired me to take up yoga again. Your flowers are lovely! And so is your koi pond that you built! Have great day, Mary :O)

  20. The flowers in your garden are soo pretty and i love all the different colors! You have such a cozy and wonderful home and that fish pond is such a wonderful addition! I know my fiance will love to have a pond like that! That the tomato avocado salsa recipe is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a wonderful merry happy week and lots of love to you!!

  21. Yummy summer recipe...like always~

    Poor sheddy hot baby...I'd wanna be completely shaved if I was her!


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