{Fresh Friday}

Well hello and happy Friday to you!!!!
My last day of spring break....boohoo:)
I have been super happy this week....the weather was absolutely fabulous {except for the past few days}!!
I've been lucky enough to enjoy some outside time! You know how happy that makes me!
Made dinner the other night and decided to enjoy it while sitting around the fire pit!
Good thing I had my handy dandy tray my grandma gave me to carry everything.

Yup....i'm in my pj's and yup they're even aqua blue!!! haha!

Here's what I made.....
A Summery Caprese Inspired Salad~

pine nuts
balsamic vinegar

I also made

Blackened Mahi with Apricot Glaze
sprinkle on these seasonings....to your taste.

to me....the fennel's where it's at!! I love that stuff:)

Grill your fish and then mix up
apricot marmalade
lime juice

and put it on your fish after it's grilled!!
I am telling you.....it was fabulous:)
just a great mix of flavors all in one bite.
Even L.C. couldn't help but to beg for a little bite:)

She didn't get any.....I anjoyed it all myself:)

Of course I enjoyed a little vino with my dinner!

Picked up this wine at the Sawyer Garden Center.....cute label....the dog looks like Ruby.....but not a great wine! I am no wine snob but I know what I like and I just didn't love this vino! Owell....you win some you lose some:)

This week was so fabulous because there was sooooo much happening in nature I could hardly stand myself:)
I love the outdoors and could live in tent if it didn't get so darn cold around here!

The dogs were very happy campers to be outside so much this week:)
Had ducks in the pond:)
How cool would that be if they had babies here!!!!!
I think they were pretty happy......maybe it's all the daffodils! Remember when I planted all of those
last autumn?!?!

Then if all that weren't enough......

We were watching TV the other evening and found this little guy hopping around the living room!

It cracks me up because he is just COVERED in dog hair! I don't even know how he got inside...maybe it's because we always roll with all doors wide open!! haha! He probably thought he'd just come in and check it out!

Anywho.....I love the sound they make in the spring! I know spring is really here when I hear the toad's singing:)

Too bad he had to go back outside:(

Hope your week was swell!!!!

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood


  1. Ducks in the pond how fun. We get a blue heron here that thinks our fish are his dinner.

  2. everything sounds fantastic! I love that salad and wish I could have it now. love the picture of LC it is so frameable!! i can't believe that frog wanted to move in rent free! hope you have a fantastic weekend. I always feel ready for the weekend especially after being inspired for tonights dinner with simpledaisy. hey, how bout a craft soon, I am feeling crafty!

  3. mmm that salad looks delicious!

  4. A sauce to remember! I bet it tastes good on a salmon too! And the salad.., as always, so delicious looking.

    Happy Weekend.

  5. That food looks sooooo good! I live to be outside (when it is warm out) and especially love eating outdoors!

    That toad situation is hilarious - he would totally be covered with dog hair in my house too : )

  6. Fun post, Daisy! Especially the part about the hairy frog...laughing out loud funny! It's so much fun to see how well you've adapted a beach style to your landlocked home...I say GOOD FOR YOU...you are one fun and energetic girl!

  7. That fish looks delicious! I have just recently started to try cooking fish.. I might have try your recipe!!

  8. Wow, that mahi mahi and salad look fabulous. Also, I think we have the same dishes and wine glasse -I recognize those. :-)

  9. Holy crap, woman - you've been busy (I just read the post prior to this on as well)! I want to jump through the screen and eat your dinner, incuding having the wine :-)

  10. Your dinner looks yummy and having dinner alfresco in your pj's?! It just doesn't get any better than that! Your dogs are so sweet and you know how I love GSDs, they rock!

    Oh and your plans for your laundry room sound wonderful, keep us posted!

    Kat :)


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