{Laundry Room}

Well Hello and Happy Sunday blogger friends:)
What a weekend it's been!
Ran 6 miles yesterday {knees are a little sore today}, mowed and worked in the lawn and planted some flowers!!! yeah!
While I was doing that the hubby was laying tile in our laundry room.
We have just begun on that room and I am stuck in what I exactly want. Maybe you can help!

I am torn between upper cabinets versus shelves above the washer and dryer.
Look how cute shelves are~

I think that's where my heart really is....but I am concerned about the storage...
Oh....our laundry room is also a half bath that many people use when we have summer parties! So it has to be cute and clean:)

No my laundry room isn't turquoise!! ha!!
But I do like the photo:)

This one's a little country for me but super cute nonetheless:)

and for the upper cabinets~

Still cute...but there's just something about the shelves that I love!
Or if I were really lucky and had a laundry room full of windows.....

ps....that rug is similar to the Dash & Albert rug I recently purchased! And I did purchase it for the laundry room.

So what do you think upper cabinets or shelves?!?!?!?!?

Now here's what else I am thinking......
I want to make a counter top that goes over the washer and dryer.
I was thinking of making it with river rocks....to look like this...

I know that's a floor and not a counter top...but you get the idea:)

Here's the sink....

But I am going to take the door off and sew cute curtains out of this.....

so I can hide the cat box in there:)
right now...it's right out in the open!
Who wants to see a catbox in the tinkle town/laundry room!?!?!?!

and then I am going to make a mirror similar to this!!

You got it a jute rope mirror!!!
This one is $250.00! I think I can make one that's just as cute for a fraction of the price:)

And there's a couple other little things i've done......like a green chalkboard wall next to the toilet....so you can write while you're tinkling!!! haha!!!!! Can't wait to see what friends write the next time we have a party!!

Well....what do you think about the plans so far?!??!

Hope you weekend was splendid! Tomorrow it's back to work....but only for 7 more weeks then it's summer break. YEAH:)

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus


  1. Sounds fun! We did shelves...and then we also have closed cabinets...love having both. Love your idea of the river stones for a counter!

  2. Go with the shelves, I say! Upper cabinets with windowed doors just mean more architecture and a heavier feeling. I like the lightweight look of the shelves. River stone counter sounds divine.

  3. Catching up! Those are beautiful pictures; what great inspiration. I say shelves as well; cheaper! And I like the way they keep the room open. That fabric is gorgeous, love the mirror idea. :) How fun!

  4. I like cabinets.. But I prefer the shelves.. plus i am a sucker for cute wicker storage baskets!! Plus they could tie in with your mirror!

  5. I like cabinets just because I have four teens whom don't keep things nice, neat, and orderly like I do! I do want to open our cabinets up though...like that last pic, just no glass. We have a similar sink unit in ours and that is a great idea to take off the doors and use a cute curtain to hide a kitty box in. I will make note of that for whenever we get our kitten. I really like your chalk wall idea near the tinkering...my family would have fun with that! Look forward to seeing your finished washroom.

  6. I like the fresh look of shelves. Cabinets get abit to heavy looking in a laundry room. I'd like to see what you do w/the curtains for the litter box. I'm in the same situation.
    Just love your banner. Do you sell the daisy necklace on etsy? If so, please let me know; I love it!

  7. I love the idea of shelves but in reality - I don't think that I am, or my crazy husband & son are, organized enough. I can't wait to see what you go with though - I am sure it will be super cute!

    Way to go on the 6 miles!!!

  8. Your photos have inspired me to attack my laundry room. It's a DISASTER!!! It seems that everything gets "hidden" in there and never leaves. (I am not a well-organized woman...to say the least.) I have closed cabinets above and below the counter...and they're terra cotta orange (YUK!) It truly does close the room in (but it hides some of the clutter). I cannot afford new cabinets right now, but I do have Cabinet Rescue and will be painting the cabinets soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Jane (artfully graced)

    ps...Thanks for visiting. The little dog in the mirror is Hannah,a Blue Heeler (aka Australian Cattle dog)/Lab mix. She's one of my "grandpups".

  9. I would likely do one double door cabinet with frosted or clear glass to keep dust off some things and well some things private. You could always put some fabric behind the glass to match your curtains. The rest I would do with open shelves and some woven baskets with your little chalk board signs...that might look nice with the jute mirror project.

  10. the colour in the first shot is just dreamy - it's the colour I know must have in my home. I had a friend who painted the whole wall in her loo with chalk board paint - guests left notes everywhere. it was perfect!

  11. Awesome pics. Very inspiring. I am thinking shelves too. More open and versatile. And you can do cute baskets.

    I have baskets on mine and I cut out a tag from thank you cards I have with our initials. On the back I wrote what is in the basket and then attached with ribbon. So many things you can do... I KNOW you will have fun with it.

  12. Hello there! I'm so happy you came to visit and I found your blog. I love your ideas for the laundry room. I have the same dilemma with mine. I want to do something over the W/D but haven't decided yet. It's still a ways off, I have a lot of other projects of much greater priority, but there are some great ideas here. Your blog is so happy and cheerful! :)

  13. Oh I can only dream of having a laundry room that beautiful - instead i have one filled with dirty baseball uniforms, the cat litter box, old antiquated fuse boxes - basically the scariest room in the house. :)


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