{Happy Autumn Sunday}

The day started out just crummy! I thought about just staying in and being depressed but I made myself go out and work out in the yard for a bit!! Sometimes you just have to make yourself do something and then you find that you actually do enjoy it:)

I found I actually enjoyed the day and was super motivated~ I am a summer girl but I do have to admit I love autumn and today was the perfect day to remind myself why I do.

Even though it's October, I still have beautiful flowers in my yard! had I not made myself go outside I wouldn't have really paid attention to them~ I love to plant bulbs in the autumn. I get so excited to think about how cute they will look in the spring! I really think they give me something to look forward to~
I planted tulips, hyacinths and daffodils! I think the pond area is going to look super happy come spring!

I love the changing leaves~

Even though I don't like to think about how ugly everything is once they are all off the trees! I think it's important to stop and just enjoy what the season has to offer. Autumn is such a cozy season.
I love chrysanthemums....I think they are so pretty and just scream autumn~The colors are just perfect.
I love that I can really enjoy my red wine again! Summer is usually to hot to enjoy a nice glass of merlot or cabernet~
I love that Ruby and L.C. can enjoy some cooler weather! They love to play outside when it's cooler out~
Trust me they are smiling~
I love to make hearty soups from scratch~I made this awesome vegetable soup this morning and enjoyed it all day long~
I love that I can slow down enough to read the books I recently purchased~Those are just a few of the things I had to remind myself that I love about Autumn today~

It's so important to not wish your life away, rather just slow down long enough to enjoy what each and every day has to offer. And appreciate what each day has to offer!

How do you slow down enjoy what each day has to offer?!?!?

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey


  1. When it's sunny, I love to lie on my back and watch the clouds!!
    Thanks for the sunny, happy, Autumn thoughts on this rainy day in the south!!
    Your flowers are gorgeous!!

  2. I love curling up on my couch with a blanket and the pups and watching movies all afternoon. And when it gets really cold the fireplace will be on!

  3. good for you for turning your day around. your house looks so lovely and honestly I am addicted to your foody pics, keep them coming. your babies are gorgeous! hugs to you and them!

    BTW there is a new vegan cookbook with alicia silverstone, thought you might enjoy it.

  4. I love the way you cook..., and regarding the chili, I never follow the recipe just use it as a guideline..., had some mishaps too.

  5. I totally agree, you have to force yourself out of a cranky mood. I did that on Saturday. Just woke up blah, then rearranged and cleaned my kitchen and then felt better.

    And I'm with ya on Autumn and enjoying red wine outside on the porch. So nice...

  6. Love this post! Your flowers are gorgeous and I have a confession: I have never in my life planted a bulb. What the heck? I need to get on that.

    ps- Soup looks SO good!

  7. oh my...those are perfect fall pictures !
    That soup looks amazing.

  8. Your pups are both so cute!! And that soup is making me hungry!!


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