{painted fireplace}

Hello and Happy first day of SPRING to you!!
Guess what....
I finished the fireplace:) I primed it and painted the first coat yesterday...

I won't lie...it was very tedious painting. Not enjoyable...so after I finished for the day I thought I should treat myself to a little vino:)
If you haven't tried Murphy Goode wines ...you should! both the cabernet and merlot are fabulous!

I woke up early this morning and painted two more coats. I can't even tell you just how much I LOVE it! I still have to hang the picture above the fireplace and update the accessories in the bookcases but it already looks sooooooo much better!

Do you agree!!?!

Oh and here is what I started working on after I finished painting....
Remember the twine wrapped letter?!?!

Well I thought it would also work on a wine bottle....you know I have a ton of those:)
So easy....wrap a wine bottle tightly with twine and hot glue as you go!

It's where I am headed with the accessories for the bookcases....natural and sort of bordering on beachy! Lots of natural elements and creams!
Love it...just love it!

It doesn't always take a lot to update a space....just a little creative ingenuity:)
You just have to let the ideas flow~

Hope your first day of spring is fablous!

By Monday I will try have everything finished and ready to share with you!

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust


  1. love love love it! wow it really brightens the whole room up. Don't you wish you would have done it a long time ago! great job :-)

  2. I LOVE IT! Fabulous Job! Enjoy this beautiful spring day :)

  3. I totally agree..., the fireplace looks awesome..., and twine does have a beach vibe!

  4. Looking FABULOUS, dahling!!! love the mantel with the white lights and daisies--so charming! Beachy-keen, as they said way back when...can't wait for the finale!

  5. It looks AMAZING..looks like a photo in an interior design magazine. Great choice painting it.

  6. What a change! The little lights and twine bottles add just the right touch.

  7. Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

    A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

    Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

  8. It looks so great!! And only you would start on another project after a tedious fireplace-painting extravaganza :-)

  9. I LOVE it! What a huge difference! My husband seems to be anti "painting anything white." We will see who wins that battle though ; ) Can't wait to see everything together!

  10. Oh.....it looks super!!! Good Job!
    why was the painting tough work? did it not want to adhere? just hard to get in all the nooks and crannies?
    still think ya need to cover the backs of just a few shelves with something light....jmo!
    will be waiting for finale!!

  11. ooooh I love! So YOU! It is hard...but it looks fabtastic!

    Murphy Goode, eh?

  12. hello Everyone!!
    Glad you like the fireplace:)
    JMAC...it wasn't really hard...it was just a pain getting the paint into all the cracks and crevices!! And it took 4 coats altogether!

    Take care and have a great Sunday!


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