{crafting: simpledaisy style}

Good Morning!
Do you love to make things?!?!?
I know I do and most days my mind never stops spinning with ideas!
Now here are a couple super easy and slightly beachy crafts to do!

All you need to do both crafts are....
cream/tan colored paint
hot glue gun
terra cotta pot
paper mache letter of your choice
jute rope

First the letter....All you do...is wrap and glue....wrap and glue the jute rope around the letter.
Here's the finished product!simple and cute:)I just love jute! I think it's natural and a little beachy:)Next.... a cute little terra cotta pot.
First paint the outside...Just put a couple coats on. It doesn't have to be perfect!
Then wrap and glue and wrap and glue the jute on.
So cute! I filled the pot with some miniature daffodil bulbs:)Oh and Ruby helping me take my photographs:)Now here is the pot in our home....So happy and cute:)
Oh and did you notice the blue "thing" on the couch???
That would be my husband sitting on the couch in his SNUGGIE:)
He is pretending to be sleeping so that he doesn't have to get involved in my crafting:)
Nice, huh?? :)

The possibilities are endless with the jute rope! You could also make a simple little wreath or wrap frames with it! What are your ideas?!?!?

Hope you enjoyed this simple little craft! and if you happen to do either one....let me know!! I'd love to see how it turned out:)

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."


  1. I may finally try this so the flower pots will match.

  2. I love the natural look of jute. Great projects!

  3. I sometimes think about doing a craft, but I lose the motivation to follow through. Your crafts are starting to tempt me to follow through and try one! :-) Just gotta add...I'm sitting here in a blue snuggie!

  4. For the longest I've been wanting to add some twine or jute to a white cube lamp..., maybe I will..., soon.
    It's looks great!

  5. I am loving your blog...thanks so much for stopping by mine! Ha ha, your hubby looks cute all snuggled up and I love your creativity with the rope! You are right it makes wonderful projects. I like the H a lot!

  6. Hello Simple Daisy, Thanks for hopping over to my blog, please let me know when you come in to the shop! Can't wait to meet you.
    I woke up this morning and grabbed my new coastal living magazine-your home would fit right in! Loved your craft projects-my sis lives by Lake Erie so I will have to indulge her with some of your great idea's.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Simple Daisy:
    A sunshine award has been passed along to you. A perfect fit for you, even when your in one of those funks as you call them you manage to make me smile.


    My apologies for posting in the comments section my system. I wasn't sure how to contact you.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my Amy Butler Bags. I couldn't believe it when I saw the pillow on your couch with the Big Peony pattern. I have one almost exactly like it on my couch (I have a post on it somewhere in my blog)! Great minds!

  9. Look at you getting your craft on....NICE job. I had never heard of jute before, who knew?!

    That pic of your hubs is hysterical by the way....

  10. 喜歡你的部落格,留言請您繼續加油........................................

  11. This is a great idea and I love how you have it behind that white washed frame. So pretty. Nice work..I might have to go try this....
    Thanks for swinging by Salt and Sentiment!

  12. Cute projects! I especially love the letter H--love it! I just added it to my project file!

  13. What a great project idea! I especially love the "H".

  14. Great website, looks very clean and organized. Keep up the good work! antibacterial


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