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Hello and Happy 2 days till the weekend day:)
Now...I have to tell you...my week has been going NOT GREAT!!
First....here's what the beginning of the week looked like...

Dear Mr. Snow,
Please go away. My heart can't bear to look at you anymore~

Then on another day...
I come home to Ruby....who had a little chewing episode in our bedroom:(I think I just about wanted to scream at this week but then....
As I always say "things have a way of working out"

I came home on Tuesday and noticed a box on our front porch...
Now...I do order a ton on-line but didn't remember ordering anything!
So I opened it and ......
Look at the amazing things a fellow blogger sent me!! I just couldn't believe it! This just completely made my day. If you get a chance you should stop over at her blog
The Crazy Cruisin' Chic and say "hello." I mean....what an amazingly nice thing to do for someone and at just the time that I really needed it!!
See.....people can be extremely kind! Plus she even sent a lovely card that encouraged me to lift my spirits!! What if the whole world was this nice! Think about what a better place it would be:)I really loved the luau people! Oh...how I wish my hubby & I could be them right now!! soon....soon:) I must have patience~
Then, as if all of that wasn't enough.....
I checked my blog comments and not ONE but TWO people sent me the sunshine award!!!
Geesh....how lucky am I.

Vegan-minded & Beach House Living! Thanks girls:)

Both are fabulous blogs...you should head over to say "hello"
It's really nice to know that people enjoy reading this blog!! I know I enjoy the connections I have made through blogging!! It's been really wonderful and uplifting:)Now for the fellow bloggers that always send a little ray of sunshine my way!
Oh...I forgot you're supposed to pick 12 and it's really hard to narrow it down to ONLY 12.....

Crazy Cruisin Chick
Shorely Chic
Living in the Moment
Completely Coastal
beach snaps
Lime in the Coconut

Thank you ..... Thank you...Thank you to the blogger above for your inspiration and happiness when I stop by your blogs.
Now go spread the love!
Go visit each of these happy & inspiring bloggers! Your comment just might make their day and wouldn't that be nice:)

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day." ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You


  1. Well that's a fun little bit of sunshine on an otherwise snowy day!

  2. Awww...thank you for the award. And I always love visiting your blog too. :)

    I'm so sorry you got the 6 inches of snow that missed us this past weekend.

  3. How nice to receive unexpected gifts. Thanks for the nice compliments. Snow is on the way here again!

  4. Yay, you made my day!

    We are super lucky that our puppy (I say puppy but she is 11) has never been a chewer! We have puppysat a few chewers though : )

  5. Hi Heather! I was just checking out your blog. I always love getting on your blog! You always have the most beautiful pictures posted! Even though you don't love snow and winter, you posted the most beautiful pictures of the snow! We only have 3 more weeks until Spring! We can do it! I might start updated my blog! I just love yours! Thanks for coming over today! Next week we'll also lift weights! We will be ready for summer in no time doing Insanity! That's a perfect name don't ya think??? Well hope your spirits are up!!! Chat with ya soon!

  6. hey daisy, you'll make it to SPRING! I know you can do it!!

    If it's any comfort, we haven't been able to go to the beach for six weeks...it's been so cold. I feel sorry for the tourists who spent money on their vacations here and can't go to the beach. If we go, we have to be fully dressed in winter wear. Another freeze watch for us tonight...we'll survive it, though...so will you.

  7. Well first off thanks for chosing me as one of your 12 picks that was SUPER NICE! it's nice to know we inspire each other and help each other through the not so fun times in life. We just need to stay strong and focused on the things that really make us HAPPY!
    Hope you have a inspiring day today!

  8. Thanks for the award! So sweet and welcome on this wintry day here as well. Well, not as wintry as your world....ugh go away winter!
    And I'm cringing at naughty Ruby. We've been contemplating getting a new dog, but then I'm reminded of things like that. :)

  9. Hola Amiga!!

    I know what you mean about funks and this was such a nice gesture from your friend.

    Muchas gracias for the kind award, I know simpledaisy is always a nice treat for me, especially when I am feeling blue.


  10. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beach buddies made it all the way up north!! These lil guys brightened me up so much when I saw them that I knew you had to have them....to get you outa your wintertime funk. They'll make you smile every time you see them....and remind you of white sands, salty water and humidity that will frizz your hair!!
    What's funny? Even when you're down, you always brighten my day when I read your words. Just always so happy sounding and refreshing. So see? you make me happy too!!
    Oh...any my boyfriend of 33yrs on the boat? Dove with 14 pilot whales yesterday and had lunch with his new marina buddy..owner of a 155 ft. yacht!!! I'm gonna send you the link so you can ooooh and aaaah like I've been doing the past hour!! Talk about dreamland!

  11. See??!! Now that IS how the world works! I LOVE those guys...and are those coconut drinks in their hands??

    You are a ray of sunshine...turqouise, beachy, wine drinking sunshine.

    Thanks for sharing the love, love!

  12. send me your email addy so I can send you link!
    Heh.....my code word below is poot!!! Heh. Heh.

  13. I'm getting antsy and squirmy with all this snow, too! I'll be holding my breath and biting something, waiting for spring to arrive. Yikes. You do a great job of keeping all things beachy in mind - that must help a bit. I'm going to be checking out all of those great blogs that you listed! Thanks for the links.

  14. How sweet and those guys would cheer me up if I was stuck in the snow. How cute and thoughtful!

  15. You've got a ton of snow up there, wow. But what a super cool gift! And I was so thrilled to be on your list here! Thank you so much.

  16. Thank you so much for this! I just love your blog and have enjoyed watching it grow and grow. It's happy and cheery and I feel like I am at the beach when I am here.

    And even when it's snowing around your parts you are always inspiring!!!! Keep it up!!


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