{I *heart* ruffles}

yes...I do:)
I would ruffle the world if I could.
and so....when it's snowing and blowing what do I do??
Pour a nice glass of vino and hop on-line to do a little dreaming!

I love ruffled clothes.
Just look at these spring coats, aren't they dreamy:)
How about a cute little belt~
Or a happy little sweater~Or if you're like me and really love shoes~

Or maybe you just want to do a spring sprucing to your space~
It's simple....just add some ruffles:)
I will be teaching myself how to make these pillows! I just need about 3 more hours in the day:)
When I do....you'll be the first to know about it!
Maybe you want a cute new shower curtain...in cream~Or in color~
Either way.....you won't be disappointed if you add a few ruffles to your life:)
I have been doing some more crafting that I will be sharing with you.....after my camera battery charges!
I'm off to get a hair cut and highlight....
I love that. I don't know what it is but a fresh hair cut and highlight ALWAYS makes me smile!
Have a happy little Saturday:)

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. hola friend !
    I have those madden sandals too funny !!! love all the ruffled coats too cute! Makes me want to do some spring retail therapy . Enjoy your hair cut and highlight :-)

  2. I adore all of those ruffles!!! They are very sweet & feminine : )

    I look forward to some inspiration from your recent crafting!

    Enjoy getting your hair done, that always recharges me and gives me a little confidence boost!

  3. I love the ruffled pillows and shower curtians. Do you know where the curtains are from?

    I enjoy your blog. I will be back!

  4. I am loving ruffles too! Funny I just prepared a ruffles post for next week. I have found some cool DIYs for ruffles. Can't wait to see your crafts. I am going to try your last one this week while I am off. Have a great saturday !

  5. My favorite is the shower curtain...water colors!
    Thanks for the notion that I should have an etsy store...I'll check it out and see if I want another commitments...lots going on around here...

  6. Those coats are so cute! I've seen the shower curtain but it's that tablecloth and pillows that would be so nice. One of these days I'll get around to try making a pillow too.

  7. Hello everyone!!!
    I should have told you that if you click on this photo...it will take you to the link:)
    Happy Shopping~

  8. Ooh those ruffle pillows, Gorgeous!

  9. Those ruffled spring coats are to die for. Lovely.


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