{fresh Friday}

It's Friday....can I get a woot woot!!!!!!
I love Friday's but who doesn't?!?!?
As you could tell I was super happy this week....the weather was fabulous and I was able to do tons of yard work and just be outside:)

I love it when the weather starts to turn warmer...it always inspires me to eat yummy grilled foods....especially grilled veggies~ Grilled Portabella Sandwich

All I can say is YUM....this sandwich really rocked my face off:)
grilled portabella with balsamic vinegar drizzled on it
grilled leeks and red peppers
goat cheese
Grill the bread and then make a super yummy sandwich with all the ingredients....food bliss:)

and then I grilled some veggieschop up any veggies you like..
I used
red peppers
Drizzled balsamic vinegar, olive oil and garlic on them.
Wrapped them in foil and threw them on the grill...
I topped them with feta when they were done!!!!
Healthy...tastey...simpleYou know I have taken the past week off of "formal" exercise...sometimes it's good to do that. At least in my opinion!

But when I am the full fitness swing of things...

I love to do P90X, in addition to my running or cycling, and the best thing is .......I can do it right from the comfort of my home while wearing whatever I feel like:)

I get all my weights out and just put them on the coffee table

pop in the dvd and then I get busy....Now if I could just get those darn hips to decrease just a tiny bit....
Baby got back:) Do you have any problem areas that just WON'T budge?!?!But really....see why I love working out at home...I don't care what my hair looks like...I don't care what i'm wearing and I don't have any make-up on!!!

So there you go.....get out there and get yourself a little workout dvd!!! Keep your fitness simple and just do a little something most days of the week!!! And do it at home if it makes you feel more happy:)
Hope you have a super fabulous weekend!! You already know what i'm going to be doing....
painting the fireplace!! yeah!! Wish me luck:)

"Fall in love or fall in hate. Get inspired or be depressed. Ace a test or flunk a class. Make babies or make art. Speak the truth or lie and cheat. Dance on tables or sit in the corner. Life is devine chaos. Embrace it. Forgive yourself. Breathe. And enjoy the ride." Unknown


  1. Once again...you've put a smile on this ol' face! and YUM on the sammy. Think I'll do that this weekend....our day today is sunny without a cloud in the sky and supposed to be 78 degrees! ahhhhhhhhh....spring. Gotta love it!
    and hey! tell me the best exercises for upper arms...gotta get these babies in shape for summer sleeveless gear. and what size weights are best??

  2. That sandwich looks out of control amazing! I can't wait to break out the grill : )

    I don't believe that I am about to say this but....I am happy with my body right now ; ) Of course there are always little things to work on but nothing major. Woo.Hoo! I don't think that my body has changed to get me to this point, it is all in my head. Perspective is key! I adore your blog - it helps with my perspective!

  3. Daisy you are adorable! I love your spirit, your happiness, and your humor. It's contagious! Love coming to your site. Keep on posting. Have fun in the yard! (I'm making one of those portabella sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. Gotta love mushrooms).

  4. Hey Daisy, have a great weekend and HAPPY PAINTING! I'm excited to see it...:)

    I'll be out in the hammock taking in the sun after I get my 10,000 steps done.

  5. Your veggie creations always look delicious :) I love the new header too!

  6. Okay, that sandwich looks really really good.

  7. Oooh, portabello sandwich is right up my alley. And I'm with you, I like to just be able to work out at home. I just wish my inner thighs would go away. But that's one area that does not respond well to diet or exercise.


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