{on the upswing}

I have just been in a funk for the past couple of weeks.....

It always starts off with too much time off at the gym....then it moves into making food choices that don't make my body happy...next I just feel like nothing makes me happy.....

I am sure it has a lot to do with the weather...then stir in female hormones and bang....it's a full blown FUNK!

Do you ever have that happen?!?!??

and really....just look at this 2 week forecast...

snow and cold.....snow and cold.....snow and cold.......maybe I need another vacation.
Unfortunately my next break isn't until spring break and by then....with a little luck we will actually be moving towards warmer weather. So I just have to hang tight!

but.....luckily...while at my worst, I checked my e-mail and I had a simpledaisy sell!!!! waaahooo! That made me feel really super happy! I really love to make jewelry and will be doing a give-away before too long!So stay tuned! And I promise to get a little happier!
I hope she's happy with her purchase: Next...I got my butt back to the gym and that made me feel much better!

Then I........

one..did a little retail therapy and bought a purse
two...and some shoes
three....bought some new inspirational books {I always do that when I start to make poor eating choices}
four....did a little craft
five...drank some vino {always makes me feel a little better}
six....and bought myself some happy little flowers...

ahhhh....Now I am starting to feel a wee bit better:)
It's not easy getting through a Midwestern winter and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do:)
I am finally on the upswing {I think} but it's just so hard when you get in those darn funks!
I wish we could move....but my husband likes living here and I like him....so here we stay!!

Ok...well...hope things are going well in your next of the woods!! If you live in a warm climate lucky you:)
I know i'll be staying in and crafting all weekend!! Hopefully i'll be able to share a couple new things with you! That is...if they turn out:)

Have a happy rest of your week~

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt


  1. oh my gosh, love the blue shoes ??
    who makes them ?????!!!!!!!!!

  2. ok girlfriend...time to get you outa this funk...altho I DO love your therapy. I do the same...as I've done the past two days. can you send me your snail mail addy?
    And you're gonna kill me but we are all ecstatic around here cuz we might get a dusting of SNOW tomorrow and if I get to make a snow angel, I will be the happiest girl in town! So see? there are some crazies down south who crave what you're so tired of...
    Soon, my friend...soon, this horrible winter will be over and you'll have sunshine in your heart everyday!! Promise!

  3. The necklace is beautiful. Hope Ruby has lost her affection for eating your shoes.

    There is way to much snow here in the NE and it is still snowing our hope is no more tree limbs break.

  4. For me, a good "self-help" book always gets me back on the positive track, right now I'm reading Deepak Chopra' latest. It's a really cool read.


  5. I'm in a funk too.

    snow...ice...cold...blizzard...snow...windy...snow...cold...ice...blizzard. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

  6. I feel a bit funky too - I really think that it is the weather for me. Too much snow & cold. I just kindof feel like I am going through the motions...blah, blah, blah.
    Retail therapy is always fun - and those shoes are super cute!!!
    I am loving the jewelry...

  7. Sorry I am late with any inspiring words for your funk but YES, that is exactly what happens to me in that order as well. I go through funks like I go through paper towel. Too much!!!!

    Glad you're on the upswing. You made some good choices.

  8. Hi, Heather:
    I bought the Sarah earrings from Etsy. Finally checked my mail today, and they were there. [eeee!] I love them!

    I am actually wearing them for my wedding in May. I have searched locally and online for months for the perfect pair of earrings. You made them, Dear! It warmed my heart to know the purchase helped your funk.

    February funks are quite common. I used to get them, without fail, every year when I lived in MT. They pass, really!

    I hope you feel better. Thank you again, for sharing your talents, and all the best!

    Shani Roesner


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