{color of the year 2010}

Happy Sunday Morning to you! :)
Did you know that the Pantone color of the year is.....Turquoise?!?!?

Now you should definitely know by now that any shade of turquoise is my FAVORITE color! I can't believe it's the color of the year! I should have no problem finding anything in my favorite color.
I think it's the best color because it reminds me of the oceanJust look at the water...it is instantly relaxing to me:)

I love anything and everything turquoise...

including interiors...floors...
and my own take on turquoise interiors..

you remember my dining room..... I am trying to get around to taking my holiday decorations down but I always have to wait until I am inspired by what i'll do in a room next. Make sense?!?...

and my sunroom....my favorite room in our house! I've showed it to you before.....but now I am super excited because the colors in my home are now the color of the year:)
don't forget that I added pictures to the wall....now I think it looks more complete and the blues go perfectly with the turquoise! I also love turquoise clothes!!

I have a turquoise section in my closet! It's really only a tiny display of all the turquoise clothes I have!! I also love turquoise shoes....but darn Ruby...she chewed up all the ones I had! Now I get to go shopping for new ones!

Can't forget the jewelry...love it all & I love to make it:)
Of course there's always candles and million other turquoise things I love!!

But i'll stop for now!! I could go on & on about all things turquoise:)

Have a really great rest of your weekend!

"Happiness is contagious...when you reflect happiness, then all others around you catch the happy bug and are happy, too." Jennifer Leese


  1. love it too!
    loved the strong colored walls with black n white photos and that bathroom floor is stunning

    heres to a happy turquoise year!

  2. Love it too...but being, always, in the height of waht is cool...I just this week painted the laundry room...to a creammy white. It was...wait for it...that exact turquoise.

    Oy. I'll never get it right!

  3. I absolutely love turquoise too : )

    That table in your florida room is awesome!!! Where did you find something like that????

    Looking at this post inspires me to have more fun with my interior decorations!

    Are you still making jewelry?

  4. I just love your home soooo much! I don't think I'd ever mange to leave your sunroom!

    Yay for turquoise! :)

  5. I just learned about Turquoise being number one a few days ago, and have a Turquoise post up too!

    Your sunroom is so fabulous!

  6. How awesome is that!!! Turquoise our favorite color go "Team Turquoise" Love it :-)

  7. Turquoise, aqua, powder blue, navy blue work for me! Like the shoe pick too.

  8. I LOVE that table in your sunroom!

  9. This says it all....2010 is going to be the best year ever for you :) I love looking at all these pretty pics.


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