{Fresh Friday}

Hi everyone!!!
Thanks so very much for all of your comments that I might actually be inspiring you to become a little more fit and healthy!!
I am super happy to inspire people and I too am inspired by others!! I find it very inspiring to get so many nice comments!! So keep them coming...I appreciate it.
For me, inspiration turns into to motivation which then turns into action:)

Whenever you have health and fitness goals....I think there are some pretty important activities that will help you achieve or at least start on the path to achieving them...

....surround yourself with positive, happy people that will keep you motivated.
I am lucky to have great friends that are very positive about my goals and one is even a personal trainer...I mean, if I am not inspired and motivated by her abs....I don't know what would inspire me! Check 'um out~

.....read, read, read.
I read everything, blogs, magazines, books and anything else I can get my hands on to stay motivated! There are so many great blogs out there just full of inspiration and motivation...but don't stay on the couch too long:)
I also love, love, love Oxygen Magazine.. I think the girls in the magazine are more realistic looking (motivating to me) and more of what I hope to someday achieve. I am not much a fashion magazine kind of girl b/c personally, I don't find fashion magazine girls very inspiring or motivating. I think they look scrawny and hungry:) But that's just my opinion. I am motivated by fit looking girls~

.....keep it clean. Food that is.
don't make it complicated when starting out....just start eating things that are actually food! Whole grains, eggs and chicken (if you eat meat), veggies and fruits, beans, nuts, dark leafy greens etc.
See how easy it is?!?!? Then be creative in how you cook those things!! Don't be afraid to experiment!

.....move, move, move and then move some more:)
again when you start out...don't make it complicated just move! walk when you can, do squats when you brush your teeth,do side bends when your making dinner...you get the idea!
When you get used to all of this....then you can pump your workout regimine up!
I love to exercise and find that I am most motivated when I have goals I am working towards...see my right side bar....those are the things I have signed up for so far this year! So far it's a half marathon and a centruy bike ride!! But there might be more to come....woohoo 2010

As I move along...I am learning more and more and tweaking things that I eat and how I train so that I can be in the best shape I can be in:) Same for you....as you get going you'll keep learning and tweaking!

So there you go.....just start! It's as simple as that!!!!!!

Don't let those New Year's goals go by the wayside:)

One thing about eating...is that you have to find what works for your body and your morals....

I was vegan for a bit...but I just felt too restricted. And I never felt like I was eating enough protein for my activity level...So I have been enjoying some wonderful fish again!!!! But you have to do what works for you:)

~Seafood Spiced Mahi with Grapefruit Fennel Salsa~ Mahi Mahi....frozen unless you are lucky enough to live where you can get fresh:)
Any kind of seafood seasoning
cook the fish in the oven on 450 for about 20 min.

Make the salsa...
red onion
lime juice
red wine vinegar
crushed red pepper
Chop everything up and put as much of everything as you want in a bowl

This was just so darn good!! I served it with asparagus and sweet potatoes. YUMMY!!

Now if you don't like grapefruit...that's ok..just switch it out with oranges, mangos or whatever else you might like.

That's the best thing about cooking...you can be creative!!! Be adventerous...try new things and don't be shy to swap things out in recipes.

Hope you have a happy, healthy weekend!!! TGIF~

"Success in anything seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but don't quit. They hang on after others have let go".
~ Unknown


  1. Thanks SD!! I need to read this every single morning...today is birthday and I'm feeling really old and really out of shape.
    Need the motivation........BigTime!!

  2. gotta cook more fish. gotta cook more fish..more fish. more fish.

  3. Ok girl...I just had a good dinner....and that fish makes me SOO hungry!


    Great advice!

  4. When I read this I realized two things:

    1. I need to eat more fish - that looks rediculously yummy!

    2. I don't subscribe to any fashion/fitness magazines but I do read them at the gym. I was reading one today (after I read this post) and realized that I don't aspire to look like these ladies...I had never really given that much thought...hmmmm, why do I read them????? On the other hand I DO love Oxygen, Body & Soul & all of my yoga mags : )

  5. That fish looks great! I love Mahi Mahi!

  6. I LOVE seafood.. and being in Seattle I'm fortunate to eat it fresh! I'm searing ahi tuna for dinner. YUM :)
    I agree with you that reading blogs is so inspiring, as is Oxygen magazine. Oxygen, Cooking Light and Bon Apetit are my FAVORITE magazines. Fashion isn't really my thing either.
    Your dinner looks delish!!

  7. Your grapefruit salsa recipe is very welcomed idea for the huge box of oranges and grapefruits that we received as a gift!

  8. Ive never been a fan of fish, but that salsa looks SO good!!
    Im obsessed with asparagus, its so delicious and amazing on the health benefits side.

  9. Your dinner looks beautiful, so fresh and healthy but satisfying. Good to see you still going strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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