{autumn party}

Friday night we had a festive (kid friendly) autumn party. I made a hot cocoa bar for the kids, complete with sprinkles, cookies and little party favors~

I finally got to enjoy some pumpkin beer! And trust me....I really needed it to keep me calm, with all the kids running around my house! My nephew didn't want to wait for the others to arrive before he made his hot cocoa~I love how it's the simple things that make kids so happy! But he wasn't too happy when Ruby thought she should try and sample his hot cocoa~Here we are enjoying our drinks~Thank goodness it was warm enough to be outside because we had lots of kids painting anything they could get their hands on .... including the pumpkins~There wasn't a clean coat to be found at the end of crafting:)
Good thing we had a roaring fire because it was COLD outside after the sun went down~ Plus I wanted to make some smores....sugar, sugar and more sugar! I bet their parents were super happy with me:) My nephew made a new friend~ How cute~
The next morning I drug myself to spinning and Uncle Jay stayed with the nephew and just look at the art project they did together~
I have to say.....I was impressed:)

How was your weekend?!?!

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." Guillaume Apollinaire


  1. what a fun night! I love everything pumpkin this season, that beer looks yummy :)

  2. bonfires and smores...love it :)

  3. What fun! I love all the goodies! I've never even heard of pumpkin beer...but sounds tasty!

  4. What a great aunt you are!! Love that pic of you and your nephew!

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  6. Pumpkin beer -I'd love to try that! Great quote too. And I'm so glad that it's still warmish here as well.

  7. Love the party you had and hot cocoa bar? Adorable!!!!!! Looks like soooo much fun!

    And I do love a good pumpkin beer, been trying to stay away from the fattening beers but I will have to have at least a couple soon!

  8. oh such sweet pictures !
    How was that pumpkin beer ??
    I've never tried it ...but I've seen it around town.


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