{crafting: simpledaisy style}

Remember those frames in my dining room....well I finally got around to doing something with them.
I really wanted to take some great photographs of the beach for them...but I came up with another idea instead!

It was such a simple project. All you need is......
wooden craft words
scrapbook paper
paint and glue
First glue on some scrapbook paper...
I just thought it would give a little color to the burlap~
Then glue on some burlap on top of the scrapbook paper~Next, arrange your word and starfish~
Glue them on..
Oh...I forgot....paint your words! and waaalaaa....you have a super cutesy, beachy little craft project for your home!Don't you just love little craft projects?!

Hope you have a super happy week! We were in Saugatuck all weekend and had a fabulous time! I'll have to share that with you next:)


  1. those are super cute good job!
    I am ready to start some craft projects now that summer is winding down...

  2. I love simple and clean. It looks great!

  3. SO cute. You did a fantastic job. Love the aqua.

  4. Great idea...might have to steal this one, if you don't mind!


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