{Amy Butler}

I am a big fan of all things Amy Butler and now I see she even has rugs! Needless to say....I'm smitten~Oh how I would love to have one of these rugs in my sunroom or maybe in my bedroom!
I did make some pillows out of her fabric and I just love them...
Too bad Ruby is still chewing things or i'd definitely spring for one her lovely rugs!
Especially since I just ripped the carpet out of our bedroom and bought all new flooring last weekend while my husband was golfing!! Boy did he have a surprise when he got home!! I think one her rugs would look just perfect in there:) Way better than the yucky old carpet looked~
What do you think of her rugs?


  1. love them, the seond one speaks to me and I say hey baby!

  2. Hi Simpledaisy,

    Forgot to say in my last comment that my dog's name actually IS "L.C." also! The story is here. What a coincidence! What does your "LC" stand for??


  3. *Gasp* That 2nd rug! I am drooling all over my keyboard! I had no idea she even made rugs. LOVE!!!!

    I really love your blog! Looks like we both love all the aqua we can get! :)

  4. I LOVE Those rugs! where can we buy them? probably expensive I'm guessing?


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