{cozy bedrooms}

This is a crazy time of the year for me! I am a Special Education teacher and it is crunch time......
So I spend a lot of evenings in bed trying to relax and get some sleep, which at this time of the year is pretty hard for me! Anywho...I found some super cute bedrooms that I would just love to spend an evening in and I thought you might enjoy~
I am not too much of a frilly person so I don't necessarily love everything about this bedroom but....

country living
I l.o.v.e this brick wall....who wouldn't want a brick wall in their bedroom?? How cozy!

This bedroom is bright and cheery .... if I had a beach house I think I would want a bedroom sort of like this~coastal living
Plain and simple....you can't ask for more than that!!

I really love the windows in this room~

world market
I think it's fabulous that there are no window coverings on the windows...but really how realistic is that??
I would love to sleep here.....
And I would really love to be able to purchase beautiful bed coverings like these..but let's see .... I have a large German Shepard that likes to sleep on the bed too and I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for bedding that would end up being dirty and hairy!


I love sleeping outside and I do it often during the summer!! My husband thinks I am nuts..but I just pull out some blankets and curl up on the ground and sleep under the stars...cowboy camping...it's the BEST!

OK now for my bedroom reality...
Definately a work in progress...hopefully we will tear out the carpet this autumn and lay "faux" wood floors. Dog hair and carpet do not mix~

Even though I am not a photo stylist...I do love our bedroom! I think it's simple and yet cozy and there are lots of windows to be able to hear and see the birds when I am trying to wind down~
Even L.C. loves to lay on the bed and look out the window at all of nature's activity. OK...really she's dreaming of catching a chipmonk!! Everyone has to have a dream, right?!?!?!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain


  1. gorgeous bedrooms! I like sleeping outside, too... fresh air, stars, birds, crickets... good stuff, and a bed would be great. I did camp for the first time as an adult last summer with my hubby and nephew, and fortunately it was on a raised sand lot...

    I understand the sleepless teaching time of year... I just finished mine---last day of class was last Thursday... don't think it has sunk in yet... :)

    my hubby and I will sleep in an exposed brick wall hotel "the Loft" in Columbus Ohio this weekend--family wedding---

    nice post! very peaceful...

  2. i especially loved the two outdoor bed pics...dreamy! i like the white linens and brick wall ..something luxurious about crisp white linens.

  3. No 1, so dreamy..., but then, unlike you, I've actually never slept outside, well once, ages ago on the beach in Cannes (and escorted away by the French police in the early morning). I do like to camp though. Nice picks. Love the brick wall too.

  4. I definatly just developed some bedroom crushes!

  5. Oh, that brick wall bedroom is calling my name.

  6. I LOVE the brick wall one. Everything about it. And your room is really cozy too!!! Love the armoire...

  7. I want a brick wall too! Love the outdoor spaces and sleeping outside. We are thinking of converting our little patio into a little cozy nap time nook. thanks for all the inspiration. I start school in a few weeks and the panic is setting in EEK!


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