{I'm back}

I couldn't be any happier than a kitty rollin' around in the grass on a sunny day!! I have my computer back and it's all fixed up! Bad thing....the hard drive went out and I lost all my pictures that were saved on my computer!!!Oh and did I mention that it's a brand new computer?!?!? {less than 6 months old} I guess that will teach me to back things up from now on!
So much has gone on since I last posted......
Where do I start??
Well.....Maybe i'll just share the things that are still saved on my camera~
Took my nephew to the beach~

He had such a blast~

I think it's so important to expose children to the water so that maybe they'll grow up to be beach lovers too!

He wanted to build sand castles.....

and I wanted to just relax...
Guess who won?!?!
All in all it was a great day, he had a lot of fun and I was happy for that~
Maybe he'll find his own way to the beach when he's older!
Let's see....What else?!Remember that Def Leppard concert that I was so excited about going to??? Well we finally got to go and it ROCKED!
My friend Michelle is so cute and even brought along the lyrics for several songs so that we could be really sure we knew the words for the concert~

Who cares if the skies looked like this...
I was determined to have fun! It's Def Leppard~
I put on my best Def Leppard outfit that I could think of~
I didn't realize that no one dresses up for fun at concerts! I was the only one who looked like this for fun....the others I saw dressed like this really do still dress like this!! Owell I owned it and had a great time!
Too bad when we finally got there {I think we were the first one's there} I had to put on an under shirt because I was FREEZING! Who knew it would be sooooo cold in July!

Had a girls day with my friend Sherry in Saugatuck! Another cold and dreary July day! It sure hasn't been warm here this summer....but all I can do is make the best of it~

It's such a cute town on Lake Michigan! Very artsy and happy!
We had plenty of this...

and some of these...

Key Lime martinis....yum!! Ok they were kind of sweet for me but still tasty!
Ate lunch here!! So cute and the food was delicious!

There are all kind of potted flowers all over the town~ And I saw these cute adirondacks! The perfect shade of blue~I was a super fun day even if the weather didn't cooperate!

Had my summer party! All my girlfriends came! I am so lucky and feel so blessed to have such wonderful girlfriends! They rock~

Hey look here I am at my party sporting my Def Leppard shirt again!!

Someone really needs to take it away from me! I think I had a little too much fun at my party but hey....isn't that what a party's for?!?!?

I think you are all caught up now~
I am so happy to be back and can't wait to hear what's been going on with you for the past month!! Take care and i'll start up with my Fresh Friday's again next Friday!
Have a super happy and relaxed weekend!


  1. Good times, good times!!!! Love that place you ate at. And although I am not a lover of the 80's you were definitely rocking the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yea! You're back. Nice outfit. Looks like you have been enjoying summer!

    Did you do your century ride yet?


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