I just got the most exciting news......
Our super awesome friends {Michelle & Kenny} just called to ask what we are doing on 7/17....aah, nothing I said!! They said "do you want to go see Def Leppard?" and as Michelle says "is a frogs as* water tight?" YES........
They bought tickets for us to all go see Def Leppard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe my husband will let me get this giant wall mural for our living room....ha!!!!
Anyone who even slightly knows me....knows I am obsessed with Def Leppard's music...I was a total 80's hair band teenager and now I get to see them along with Poison and Cheap Trick!!!!!!! Check out my post from my 80's party....Michelle totally nailed the 80's!!Def Leppard
Having awesome friends ROCKS.....We are going to have soooo much fun!!!!
I am already getting crazy excited!!!!! Have to go work on my perfect Def Leppard outfit!!!!!
Step inside, walk this way
You and me babe, Hey, hey!
Music is Love


  1. Don't hold this against me but I wasn't a big 80's music fan at all. I had the big hair and all but was ever into the big hair bands. But do enjoy!!!!! :}

  2. That's so cool! Have a fabulous time!


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