{welcome March}

1. the robin is the one ..., 2. Spring/Summer (not sure which) is here!, 3. The Painted Lady III, 4. Red Dogwood, 5. rush (fl)hours !..., 6. Two lips on your ...... lips, 7. rush (fl)hours !..., 8. WHITE FLOWERS (DOGWOOD), 9. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Daffodils

A little composition of all the things I look forward to in a Midwestern Spring!!!

It has been a very long, hard winter and I am more than ready to experience the sights, sounds and fragrance of spring!!!

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow" ~Proverb


  1. ah the sights and smells we long for.... I wish today felt like march! I know soon enough... Cool mosaic!

  2. how pretty. i love robins. I had a yearly nest when I lived in the midwest. I named one baby Victorine from Balzac's Le père Goriot(I was studying literature at the time). :)


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