{80's party: simpledaisy style}

I love, love, love hosting parties at my home!! I love dinner parties, tailgates, and theme parties!! I have had welcoming spring dinner parties where I had tons and tons of fresh lilacs as my decoration. I have had super decked out Christmas parties and lots of tailgates!! This last party/tailgate topped them all!!! It was an 80's theme party/ tailgate!! {We...ok really my husband...is into Notre Dame and we like to tailgate} I had sooo much fun that I could barely stand myself!! I think on several occasions I almost peed my pants in all out laughter!!!

Ok...well..in case you don't know that's me on the right with Michelle, one of my super good, if not best friends!!! She totally nailed the 80's and had a great time at the party!!

A couple of my friends at the beginning of the party!! Yep..that's my husband {on the right}trying his best to be Richard Simmon's...if you would have seen him late into the night you might have thought he really was!! HeeHee!!!

I can't say it enough that it is sooo nice to have such wonderful friends!! it really makes life super fun!!

Hey we even had Bret Michaels!! How fun!!! Oh and he played guitar for us!!

Ok...last one..now I know you really can't tell by the photo....but the best part of decorating was that I had actually vintage 80's rocker posters!! You see.. back in the day I was an 80's rocker and in fact had my bedroom walls plastered with the posters when I lived at home!! When I moved out I never gave a thought about all of the posters I figured my parents just threw them away...WELL on my 30th birthday {which, by the way, was only a few years ago} my step dad wrapped them all up and gave them to me as my present!! I think that was definitely one of the coolest, most meaningful presents I have ever received!! I hung them up ALL over my house...along with other 80's paraphernalia!!!

Totally awesome........


  1. OMG!!!!
    That totally takes me back to the day! funny how we forget that we wore all that crazy stuff! That makes me want to get out all my 80's cassettes and start dancing!
    Too fun.:-)

  2. That party TOTALLY ROCKED!!!! I think I laughed the whole night! Between your husband Richard and Michelle I don't know who I laughed at more! I had so much fun! It's great to have friends like you! Thanks for having us over! :)

  3. that party looks amazing...but the story about those posters is the best part!


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