{Having my nephew stay the night}

We don't have children of our own at this point in our lives....so I love it when I get the opportunity to have my 6 year old nephew stay the night!!! Now, I am a special education teacher by day so I am quite knowledgeble about the things kids like to do!! But boy oh boy did we really burn through all the things I had planned for us to do!!!

First, we started outside with marble painting {something I do with my kids at school} and a fire...he loved this..in fact I think it was by far his favorite thing to do...

Next, we decided it was too cold outside. Soooo we moved inside and started a fire in the fireplace!! Ahhh much warmer....

After this...we start on painting his pumpkin...I get out all the supplies and he is happy as can be...for a minute!!!
After this...we make our smores in the fireplace!!! I make the hot chocolate because you have to have hot chocolate with smores, right???? HeeHee! At this point I start thinking surely he must be getting tired.... {oh..that's our friends daughter Audrey making smores too} But nope...we have one more thing left to do....make jewelry!! Now I didn't plan this...Audrey brought her jewelry making kit over and well....you know the rest...

OK finally bedtime!! I dance around for joy.....But the story doesn't end...nope he stays the night and wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed early in the morning....

I get up..have coffee for a moment!!! Feed him donuts and more hot chocolate {I feel sorry for my brother when he picks him up} then I throw a hat on him and we head outside..We decide to feed the birds and so I open the bird seed container and yikes there is a mouse in there...we both scream and my husband comes running...he gets the mouse and we set him free!! I am sure he'll be back!!

After this we decide to get the bird book and binoculars to see what birds come to the feeders and we did get some black-capped chickadees, so that was fun!! But we had to keep running back and forth from the front yard feeder to the back yard feeder....
Oh and yes that is twinkle lights by my bird feeder...I love, love, love twinkle lights and would cover the earth with them if I could!!!

Lastly...not a pretty sight at all.. but the reality of Aunt Heather first thing in the morning after a very busy evening!!!! Bags under my eyes and all!!! Wow...I really do give it to all you moms out there who do this day in a day out!!! Kudos to you......
Maybe someday i'll take that plunge..but until then i'll keep on having a great time being an aunt!!!


  1. What a lucky little guy, how fun and wonderful for you all...and what a special job you do. Being a teacher is hard work, many, many times fun and wonderful, sometimes so heartbreaking. I was a teacher for years and would never trade the blessings that came from that.
    I know what you mean about the darkness; it does descend here and I am not a happy camper for the loss of the light..but the fire is going and soup is on.
    Thank you so much for visiting me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
    Best week for you!

  2. i know kids have endless energy, and short attention spans. Can't tell you how many times I've started a project with the kids, and they bail out after 5 minutes and I'm stuck with the mess. Oh well, looks like he had a great time with his aunt.
    And that 80's party, that looked fun too! But it's freaky to look back at how we dressed and stuff back then. (although I'm much older than you - was in college in the 80's)

  3. Wow looks like your nephew had a blast! He's lucky to have an aunt like you! That's funny about the mouse in the bird feeder! I would have freaked! I'm scared to death of mice for many of reasons! I'll have to do the marble painting with Kylee, she would love that! You're so creative!

  4. He must have had so much fun! What a lucky nephew you have. I hope that my niece (who's only 18 months old) will come and stay over with me when she gets older. I have a son, but I long for a little girl to braid hair and dress up with.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. so much fun! Try this one next time. Roll pinecones in peanut butter and then in birdseed mixed with dried fruit. Hang from a ribbon for the birds to enjoy. My kids LOVE it...especially the tree climbing part....


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