{what to wear: simpledaisy style}

I am certainly not a girl who is into trends...however I do try my best to be stylish!! I know purple is the "in" color this season and so I am giving it a whirl!! It is a little challenging for me because aqua blue is my very favorite color and so most of closet is either white, black or aqua blue!! But here goes....

I love, love, love bargains and tend not too pay too much for my clothes!! I don't really think you have to!! I found this super cute sweater and shoes at Forever 21!! Ok...just expect to get some looks when you go in there, especially if you are nowhere near 21!! I just ignore the looks and get to business!!
Now there you have it...throw in some super cute simpledaisy earrings, a pair of jeans and you have yourself a reasonably priced "on trend" but not too trendy outfit!!!

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