{Enjoying Nature}

This past weekend we went camping with friends of ours and it was fabulous!! Ok...the weather was rather crummy but we all made the best of it!! We hiked and hiked and just simply enjoyed being in the fresh air with no computers, cell phones, televisions or radios!!! I can't even describe how much I love nature and spending time outdoors...it is the one thing that can totally relax me!!! Let me just say this weekend was greatly needed!!! Turkey Run State Park is just beautiful!!
I will have to say that my photos are not that great because it was really challenging to take a good picture in such dark areas and with NO sunlight..but hey I did my best!!!
Even L.C. did great!! She did a great job hiking some super tough trails!! In fact, there are a few that you walk on a really tight ledge with no guard rails and she did it like a champ!! I think she might have been really worn out.... she hasn't moved off the bed since we came home!!!

I just love camping and love that people that camp!! There was a man there that had a super high powered telescope and he brought it to our campsight and showed us the moons of Jupiter!! I mean..how cool is that!! We also got to see a star that was {burning?} off gases in every imaginable color!! During this weekend, Turkey Run had a whole thing going on for Halloween and there was a contest for the most decorated site, trick-or-treaters, nightime hayrides and a pumpkin carving contest!! Let's just say we'll all be back next year!!!

Hope you were able to do something relaxing this weekend.........


  1. It sounds as if you had a wonderful trip! Your photos are just beautiful, but I know what you mean about trying to take pictures without much light. It's a challenge.
    Thank you for the very kind comments you left on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend..what's left of it!

  2. So fun, and your pictures are great by the way. That looks like a gorgeous place to be. I bet your dog was thrilled (and worn out). Those kind of excursions work well with kids too - fresh air and exercise = tuckered out children.


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