{simple style}

I have been happily tinkering around all day, making jewelry, looking at clothes on-line and dreaming of things I want to buy on ETSY....

Well, I came across this super cute clutch and thought..now what would I wear with it!! So here is what I came up with!!! Remember I love aqua blue.....

Oh and don't forget some super dark trouser style jeans!! Not too bad, huh???

1 J Crew silk blouse
2 Blue Belle Clutch by Red Ruby Rose

3 Aubrey Earrings by simpledaisy

4 Platform Stilettos by Forever 21

So simple and so cute!! Now I just need a little $$$$ so I can go shopping!! Have a great sunday!!!


  1. Someone told me you were selling your jewelry online. I Googled simpledaisy and found you here.
    Looks like you're having fun!
    Hope everything's working out for you. Congrats!
    Take care!

  2. i agree! i need some $ to go shopping with! especially after a fun and inspiring post like this one! :)


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