{so true}

In the rush of life I think we don't stop long enough to just enjoy the moment! I know for me...I am always thinking about the weekend..and then the next thing after that and on and on...
So I am going to TRY and slow down just a bit to enjoy something about each and every day....


So true....

Have a great day!!!

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  1. I love it!!! So very true! When ever I go to a funeral it always makes me think about my life and if I'm living it to the fullest and enjoying my life like I should. I know life is full of responsibilities, but we need to make sure we try to slow down and enjoy something each and every day no matter what. I also love that plate. How did your party go today? Sorry I didn't make it. It would have been perfect since I didn't work today, but I'm on some pretty strong pain killers and am a little loopy(well a little more than usual) I promise we will make it to your Christmas party, but we have to make sure we get together before that. I was hoping to go biking before it gets too cold out. Not sure if that will happen.


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