{where am I}

Hi there blog friends!!!
Just popped in on a friend's computer to let you know that I will be MIA for awhile. My computer broke and had to be sent in to the company that I purchased it from to be fixed.....we're talkin' weeks! boohoo~
Take care and hopefully i'll be up and running here soon!!!


  1. Oh gosh, I'd feel naked!!!! I thought of you because I am planning my son's bday party and although it will be a Spongebob party I will be incorporating beachy ocean things. It's not until September so if you have any ideas for decorations let me know.

  2. Oh no!!!! I would be going mad! I think my husband would go buy me another one just to keep me from going nuts and annoying him--or snapping his head off! :)

    Hope you get it back sooner rather than later.


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