We've had Ruby for almost a week........
and let me tell you, I forgot how much WORK having a puppy is!! I haven't sleep all week and as a result came down with a nasty chest cold!! It was going around work...so I think I was just doomed to get it!! But not getting any rest probably didn't help~
We are learning a lot about Ruby~
She is going to be BIG! She has already grown out of one collar and she eats a ton~
She love to chase ants, chew sticks and tear my freshly planted flowers out of the ground!
She sleeps a lot but when she's awake, she is all over the place!!

She is very bright and has already learned to sit at the door before I open it...potty training on the other hand....challenging!!
It is hard not to love her...she has a very sweet personality and a super cute face!!
We think she has a lot of Labrador retriever in her...but I am not sure. It's hard to tell at this age.
I am learning that husbands aren't all that helpful in raising a puppy!! Maybe that's why we don't have children!!!! OK ... he does help a little!!
Still working on LC ... but she has been very tolerant of Ruby!! I have tons of questions for the vet about their behavior together b/c I am determined to have this work out!! LC is not shy about letting Ruby know who is boss..but I think she'll have a run for her money in a few months!! I am praying they can work it out!!

Why we want 2 dogs ...I don't know! Maybe because we like dog hair!! If you can tell by the flower they have to walk past to come inside..there is hair everywhere!! Even on the flowers!!!

Hope you have a super weekend!!!!

"Dogs understand your moods and your thoughts, and if you are thinking unpleasant things about your dog, he will pick it up and be downhearted." Barbara Woodhouse


  1. She's so cute!!!! And I am so with you on questioning 2 dogs. Just when we were settled and perfect we had to get a bulldog and there is hair everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

    I thought I would have clean floors with my Bissell Steam Mop but the new dog slobbers water across an entire room after taking a drink and then of course someone walks through it creating a little dirt and so on......but they're part of the fam now right?!

  2. She is so adorable! She definatly looks like she has some black lab in her as well.

  3. she is gorgeous! and that face... AAAAAAAAWWWW so cute. I hope it all works out. It is tough at the beginning but Ruby sounds like she has a good mom and dad.

  4. Aw, she's adorable - keep the pictures coming!

  5. wow, ruby has grown alot in one week!
    the dog model on the bed is too funny..and i love the beachy collars, my pick would be the turtles!

    what a pretty hibiscus also!


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