{meet Ruby}

I think we are totally nuts....but somehow we ended up with a new puppy today!!! We named her Ruby and hopefully she and L.C. will become best friends!!!
You can tell by L.C.'s tongue hanging out that she is completely wiped out from the new puppy!!They played a lot...OK really L.C. was trying to show her who's boss!! I hope she is successful because we really want them to get along~
I think she's super cute and besides I am a total sucker for rescue dogs!! We adopted L.C. from the Humane Society and Ruby comes from a family that was just going to drop her off in a local park..... Look at her face...how could you just drop her off in a park...she's only maybe 8 weeks old...she's just a baby!!

Well if any of you have thoughts on how to make sure dogs get along i'd welcome the advice!! L.C. is 7 years old and quite used to being top dog!!

Have a great week!!

"Happiness is a warm puppy." ~Charles M. Schulz


  1. How adorable!We welcomed a Black Lab puppy into our home a few years back with an older Golden Retriever, the older one basically 'put up' with this new addition, but they fast became life-long friends...how fun for you!But good luck with the little Lab, they can be a handful!:o)

  2. Congrats on the new pup! So cute.

  3. Ruby is gorgeous! Congratulations on your new baby. BTW I gave you an award at my blog.

  4. My pups are about 6 months apart and they get along but I wouldn't say they are the best of buddies. They are two years old now.

    It wasn't too bad working with them. I made sure to separate them when I was gone when Minnie was a pup. They both have their own kennels.

    I think over time everything will work out fine. Exercise both dogs together and def. be the boss of them.

    It will def. be an adventure for you. :) Feel free to email anytime if you need advice. K

  5. Awwww I can smell her sweet puppy breath from here! If LC is top dog...she'll try hard to maintain that position. She may seem snippy and rude to ruby at times. Just let her. They know how to do this well...it's when we butt in that it get's all screwed up!

    Beautiful pups...the both of them!

  6. ruby is adorable...
    she looks happy to be in a safe home!

  7. wow, she's small compared to your other. So cute!!!! As for them getting along, I agree with Lime in the Coconut, let them go at it. After 4 months now, my two still go at it. When it gets annoying I separate them since we have two gates in the house. Get 'em at the pet store.

  8. Oh my gosh! I think Ruby is so adorable, and your pictures of her and L.C. are precious. But I do remember what a lot of work having a puppy is. When our dog was a puppy he ate a couch. It was an old thing, but after a few months he had torn it to shreds. Good Luck!


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