{aqua blue dog}

Let's see... in my spare time...{wait, I don't have any and probably won't until Ruby is a little older}..... I have been finding all kinds of super cute dog accessories, in, you guessed it, my favorite color ........ aqua blue!!!
I found some really adorable dog collars.
For the ultimate beach dog~
I definately love...love..love this collar!! Aqua blue and daisies, my favorite combination!! I think i'll wait until Ruby gets older and then i'll have to get her and L.C. matching collars!!
I also found....
these little ID tags...how cute!!

barker & mewosky
You know i'll have to get the one with the little aqua daisy!!
I also found an aqua blue dog bowl....
blue house
I think this bowl is just so simple and so cute!! Too bad they wouldn't know what color their bowls are!! They are just happy to eat! How could life be any easier!!
A canister for thier treats!! dog supplies
Toys in aqua blue...seriously!!! Who knew there were so many aqua blue dog things~

barker & meowsky

barker & meowsky

I know L.C. would love this frisbee!! She loves to play fetch and she is in love with frisbees...but not yet able to catch it out of the air!!

And lastly...after they've played all day they could go to sleep in a charming little {ok, it would have to be BIG} dog bed~

barker & meowsky
I think i'd have to get a part time job to afford all of these things!! But it is fun to look!!
I am sure ruby & L.C. do have aqua blue daisy collars and charms in their future!!
How fun~


  1. cute , cute, cute. Don't know if you have browsed through the etsy dog stores, OMG all of a sudden I want everything for Norm.

  2. Getting a good Dog Bed is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. Here is an excellent online source for Pet Supplies.

  3. love the dog bowl!

    I tagged you on my blog with a queen award! :)


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