{display: simpledaisy style}

Well I am busily working on my display for the upcoming show and in addition to my table I will have 2 frames filled with simpledaisy!! I love to collect vintage frames and then paint them, of course, aqua blue!! I thought I would hang the jewelry on my cards with clothespins...keeping the theme of simple..fresh..pretty!! I think it sort of looks like fresh jewelry out on the line to dry!!!

What do you think??

Oh and I am soooo excited I sold two more pieces of simpledaisy!! Yeah and thank you!! Sometimes it really does pay to keep plugging away at your dreams!!

Have a great day!!


  1. I can tell it is not going to take long for your things to start flying off the 'shelves'!!

  2. That is CUTE! Not to mention *attractive* in the sense that it attract you to want to pluck them off the line. hehe!
    Good luck with your show. I'm actually starting to think about a show after a bad experience with my first (and last) 2 years ago.
    I'll keep an eye on your blog for tips!
    Alisa R. :)

  3. Congrats on the sales! I love your turquoise display...you should sell those too! :)


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