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Style {n.} A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes.

When I first began on my jewelry making quest I had a lot of trouble defining simpledaisy style..First, I thought earthy, then trendy, then frilly and finally I settled on pretty.simple.fresh!! Style has always been challenging for me..I don’t always seem to give myself enough credit for even having a style..but I do! In fact, my style greatly matches simpldeaisy syle..very simple with a little bit of sparkle and shine! I rarely wear patterns and generally stick to white, black, brown and denim and of course aqua blue!! But I do love to accessorize with jewelry and here are a few things you might see me wearing!! Oh and I also love a bargain…so all of these are under $30!!! So go ahead and own your style and of course accessorize it with simpledaisy!!

I personally would pair each of these shirts with some fabulous earrings...maybe these!!! And maybe just maybe I might be inclined to add a little necklace....say, maybe the initial necklace!!!

Simple and Sweet~~~~ Have a great day!!!
Oh and I forgot to add...that I am definately no where near 21 anymore...but you never know where you might find a great bargain!!!

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  1. Okay, I've just hired you as my stylist. Love those shirts and they would be beautiful paired with your jewelry!


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