{recycled daisies}

How are you!!?!?!?

I've been super busy with Simple Daisy orders.....yeah!!!! But not so busy that I couldn't do a little craft project:)

Have you seen my vintage truck braclet!?!!?  Well this is this inspiration behind that bracelet!!

I love vintage trucks and dream of having my very own someday:)
but for today....i'll just enjoy tinkering around with this little vintage truck I got at the flea market!!

Anywho....i've done things in metal before....like the metal starfish.....metal chalkboards.....and a few other metal things...
I was thinking I would make metal daisies out of galvanized metal I had sitting around in my studio.....but I was getting super frustrated trying to cut it.

That's when.....I just finished a diet sprite {bad...I know but diet sprite is a secret indulgence}...I thought to myself....why not just use the metal from the can to make the daisies!!
The perfect recycle project!!
Recycled Daisies:):)
I think they are just adorable:)
Just be sure to be super careful when your cutting the cans! They are sharp!

I hammered them on the concrete and scuffed up the paint
to give them a rustic kind of effect!

You can do just about anything with these sweet little daisies....I am thinking....wreaths...daisy chains.....
all kinds of happy little things!

Sometimes things don't have to be expencsive to be cute:)

I think they will look pretty cute in my garden too......if only my garden looked nice!! I think i've decided that I am just not vegetable garden material:)
Next year........cutting garden instead!!

Ok! Well there you have it a simple little craft to keep you busy this weekend:)

Now I have to get back to filling orders:) Have a super wonderful weekend!!!

"You must enshrine in your hearts the spiritual urge towards light and love, Wisdom and Bliss."
Sri Sathya Sai Baba


  1. Hi Heather-

    Sooooooooo cute and so you. Love them. They look sweet in your lawn and of course your truck. Your photos are wonderful. Have I ever asked you what kind of camera you use?

    My best- Diane

  2. those are adorable!! love them, and your cuteness :)

  3. Oh, I love them! And having raised FOUR sons, we had lots of Tonka trucks over the years! ♥

  4. Heather, you are sooooo creative! Who would have thought to make daisies from a soft drink can? Love them. I, too, have lots of Tonka trucks just waiting in the attic for grandkids. Maybe I'll paint a couple turquoise...

  5. Great craft as always!! You are so talented and I love your photos too.

    xoxo Ashlyn

  6. I was at Hobby Lobby today and they have vintage pick up truck models for around $20. They even have model paint in turq now! I see a new project in my future!!!

  7. Very cute. Sort of like the Haitian tin can art idea, but more girlie! How do you prevent the petal edges from being scary sharp?

  8. Hi there GPC...
    I thought I would answer this here....just in case anyone else wondered the same thing:)

    Surprisingly....after hammering the metal on the concrete and painting it....they weren't sharp at all!!!!! But you could also sand the edges quickly if they were sharp for you!!!

  9. Love your Tonka truck... what a wonderful flea market find!! The daisies are really cute, great craft idea!! Have a nice & sunny weekend!!

  10. Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Have a happy weekend!

  11. Will the depths of this woman's creativity never end :D

  12. How happy and cute are those??! Kinda like you!

  13. So cute! Love those daisies. And the truck too!

  14. Oh my gosh these are so cute!!! You are so creative and they perfect in your truck!! Your creativity is so refreshing my dear. :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  15. I love these. Where in the midwest are you? I'm in Missouri. Your jewelry is so beautiful!! I will be scoping out something for sure!!

  16. Hey Heather, I'm lovin' your new layout, especially the header...let's everyone know what you're up to right out of the gate.

    LOVE the truck...anything turquoise for you but the vintage thing is extra cool.

  17. So cute...love the truck bracelet too!!

    Your new "blog look" looks fabulous...love it!!

  18. Cute, cute
    and of course,
    I'm loving that
    xx Suzanne

  19. I want that Turquoise Tonka Truck! So adorable!

  20. Hey Heather! I just wanted you to know how much fun it was meeting you at the Flea! I loved reading your post about it, and had to laugh at how ALL of us were so nervous about meeting each other! lol! And it felt like we had known each other forever, didn't it? :) Your sweet little truck looks soooo cute with those daisies in it. You continue to be a huge inspiration for me - and I'm so blessed to call you a friend! ♥ Looking forward to seeing you again this month! :) Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  21. Heather~ I sent Michelle an email telling her how jealous I was that she met up with you!
    Well now!!!
    I am SOOOOOOOO envious!
    I swear you are wonderful!

  22. It was a very stunning blog. I find it cool and cute and I think it was made with pure love. You are very creative and amazing. Big thanks and keep posting fabulous blogs.

    Charles A

  23. WOW !!! I love them!! Thanks for dropping by my blog & leading me back here. Love your work & i seriously have to find myself a vintage tonka truck

  24. Heather! Too cute love it! Please come pick up your award at my blog.


  25. So in love with everything about this post...sharing on my fb page!!!! So glad I stopped by! xoxo, tracie

  26. That truck is just adorable! I love it, what a great find!! Also your blog looks so super professional and beautiful. I am so happy to see how simpledaisy has just blossomed! Your bangles are so cute and who would not love about 10 on their arm?!

    Have a great week!

  27. What cute photos! LOVE that little truck! I would love to have a vintage truck as well. We used to have one, but it is long gone. :(

  28. I think I need that truck and love the color too!

  29. That little blue toy trunk is super cute. I'm sure one of your kids would love to play with it. To bad it's more for looking at then actual play.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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