{driftwood reindeer}

Well hello!
How are you!?!?
It's been pretty cloudy and cold here:(
Blogging always slows down in the winter for me.....there just isn't enough sunlight to photograph things. Darn.
But i'm not going to let it get me down!!! I'll just have to do more photographing on the weekends!
Where there's a will there's a way! Right!?!?!?
I won't lie...This week was a pretty grouchy week for me....no sun just doesn't bring my heart happiness! but instead of crying.....I decided to pour myself a big 'ol glass of vino and get busy making something cute!
Here's what I came up with!!! Driftwood Reindeer.
I just used some of the driftwood I had lying around and went out and gathered some twigs for the legs and antlers!

This really couldn't have been any easier! That is ... if you have a drill! and if you don't have one....well get one:)
Just drill holes for the legs....neck...and antlers! Glue them in...let it dry and waaaallaaaaa you have yourself an almost free and cute little gift for the holidays!
I know I would love it if you showed up with these cute little reindeer for me:)

They really are just so simple and cute!
What do you think!?!?!?

Then after all that crafting and vino.....you need to eat!!!!
I came up with this "recipe" after having the most naughty but delicious dinner the other evening! I had brown sugar, butter butternut squash ravioli. YUM....but just full of fat and calories.

This pasta dish had a similar taste but minus the fat and calories....yippee!!!

I also used that Mung Bean Pasta... So low carb too! Well I guess unless you count the carbs from the brown sugar....which I DON'T!! Who's counting, right?!?!?

This was just so delicious and pretty much guilt free!!!
Try it and let me know what you think!!!!

Ok...well I better get busy photographing things for my give-away next week!!! Yippee:):) Gotta take advantage of what little sunlight we have:)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.  ~John Ruskin


  1. Yippy! I love Christmas and your little reindeer look so cute & cheery.

    I agree about the shorter days and lack of sunshine...makes me a bit grouchy too ;o)

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. I LOVE your reindeer. They are so nice....I really like driftwood - what a perfect way to incorporate it into the holidays. So creative!!

    Isn't it amazing how much better you feel when the sun is out?

  3. Love those reindeer! So cute!!! Guess I'll have to head to the beach to find more driftwood...

    The gloom...that's what I hated about living in the north. I was often depressed or grouchy during our 5 years of exile in PA. (I did love the spring and fall, though.)

    In January/February, have a "BEACH Party"...turn up the heat, set up the umbrellas, beach chairs, and blender, and make frozen margaritas. Serve summer foods. Wear your bathing suit and flip flops...it does wonders for your soul...and for your friends, too!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  4. Those reindeer are the cutest things out of drift wood I have seen in a long time!!!

  5. oh my, these are SO cute!~! I might have to go down to the beach today to find stuff to create!!!

    Dinner looks tasty too!

  6. O, TOO CUTE, those little reindeer...they make me think of a reindeer project I did with Hunter and Blake last year...makes me want to dig out the picture for another look! Nothing happier than reindeer for Christmas!!!

    Yeah, ya gotta watchout for the grouchies...SAD syndrome or hardships at school?

  7. Love those reindeer - simple adorable! :)

  8. Beautiful blog you have here and I love the reindeer! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy Cougar Town next Wed.! :)

  9. These are just darling! I may have to head to the beach for some wood.

  10. OMGOODNESS your reindeer are the most adorable things I have seen!! Your pumpkin pasta looks delicious!! It was still pretty sunny here last week and it is supposed to be 60 Mon and Tues but then snow on Thanksgiving for us!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Very cute reindeer! Love the turquoise bows...they give them a happy beachy feel. The recipe looks delish.


  12. OH my gosh! Those drift wood raindeer are the cutest!!!!

  13. Those reindeer are so darn cute it's not even funny!

    Kat :)

  14. Cute Cute Cute reindeer... oh, and did I mention how CUTE those reindeer are? LOVE THEM!!


  15. I am LOVING Comet and cupid! And I am trying your pasta. Guiltfree is as good as FREE in my book!

  16. Those reindeers are too, too fabulous....xv

  17. You did SUCH a great job on the reindeer!!! They came out FABULOUS!! We have a Craft Company near us and I had purchased two reindeer very similar to them years ago...they are my special Christmas reindeer! The pasta looks really delicious!!

  18. I love those reindeer, they are too cute! The fact that they are wearing little turquoise scarves is great.

    I have searched high and low for those mung bean noodles. I think I am just going to have to order them online. This meal looks good enough to be worth the shipping charges : )

    I love the idea mentioned above about a "beach party" in the middle of winter - how fun would that be????

  19. Ok....seriously.....where in the WORLD do you come up with such adorable ideas, girl???? Those reindeer are so darned cute! You really must be an artist at heart to create such darling treasures.... :) You could sell these you know..... :)

    I am SOOOO with you on the lack of sunshine and dark days ahead. Even though we've been really lucky here in MI with the most perfect autumn I can ever remember....we're going to pay for it this coming weekend. Lake effect snow is on it's way for Thanksgiving. UGHHH! Boo hisssss!!!!

    If you want an instant lift on those dark days ahead, visit Tootie at sanibeltoots.blogspot.com. She always posts the most beautiful photos of her walks on the beach every day. It's heavenly! :) It's like a little mini-vacation.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    xoxo laurie

  20. You are just so crafty!! I love the raindeer!! I wish I could share my sunshine with you. The weather has been beautiful here lately. Thanks for not giving up on posting every week , I really look forward to see what your up too.

  21. Hi there, just found your blog......lovin it! I am totally do in the reindeer tomorrow........I have a drill!
    thanks for the idea,
    Trish xo

  22. l*o*v*e your happy driftwood reindeer!

  23. Those driftwood reindeer are delightful! Really cute and I've never seen them before. Don't get me started on that meal - it looks delicious!

  24. Love your reindeer! I want some of my own! Can you imagine GIANT driftwood reindeer in the yard for Christmas. That would be neat!

  25. The reindeer are super cute!!! Gosh you're creative!!

  26. I saw your comment on my site ( www.gdfierce.blogspot.com ) and I appreciate you stopping by. Hope you liked the site. Your site is delightful.

    Ms. GDFierce

  27. Wow, those reindeer really are cute! Love those blue accents you added to them. Great photos, too.

    Also, I wouldn't have ever thought to combine those ingredients in a pasta dish, but somehow it looks delicious!!

  28. Those reindeer are darling!
    I can't wait to try your pasta dish. Love those rich tasting-but no guilt dishes. thanks for sharing!
    When winter gets you down, come down and see me in AZ!

  29. adorable reindeer! glad to see you are doing creative work-- I haven't been blogging for awhile because of a busy semester-- wanted to check in and love seeing all this creativity!!!!

    sending some south beach sunshine,
    Miss Bliss

  30. Oh these are just so adorable. Right up my alley! I love nature and working with it too! Sonia at Raine and Sage told me about your post and then I saw it on Maya's Completely Coastal blog. Will love following you. Pruxxx

  31. I love the little wooden reindeer you made. They are really cute. I get the blues to from no sunlight. That's normal hang in there winter will pass.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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