{beachy christmas gifts}

Well Hello!
How are you on this fine Sunday!?!?!?

yes it sure is!
Life is 100% what you make it! I fully believe that:)

And this morning...the skies were gray and it was cold and windy.
I wanted to cry.....but decided instead to have a little inspirational photo shoot! heehee!

Really....here's how it went down.
me: Hey honey do you have a few minutes to take some dorky picutres of me.
him: what...i'm just getting ready to cook my eggs for breakfast and it's freezing outside
him: ok, fine
I start to gather all of my "props"
we promptly get into a little bickerment and I tell him he is ruining my inspirational ambiance!!
then we laugh about what a dork I am!

Just wanted you to know that my husband is not always so pleased with my antics:) but he obliges! Thank goodness!

What I was hoping to do ..... was show you what a dork in am on a Sunday morning!
And to show you what I put on when i'm heading out to pick up all my craft supplies for all the up and coming projects I have in mind!!

So here it is....no shower and all:)
I think my winter style says....comfy and casual!

and yes...I do read the magazines! I've seen everyone rolling up their jeans! Works perfectly for me since i'm only 5'2"!!!!
and of course the girls just have to get in on the action!
as you can tell....Ruby just cna't ever act normal! She is a maniac but I love her:):)

Recently I needed some inspiration for blog post ideas! I posted in on facebook and Laura from Sealaura had a great idea!!! She said I should do some DIY crafts that don'r require tools, etc.
I thought....what a great idea!

We can all use some simple ideas for gifts! Tis' the season for lots of Christmas parties and you know......you just can't show up empty handed!!!

Alright....here's the first super simple DIY gift!
I've seen these cute little inspirational quote jars around the blogosphere so I thought i'd do a Simple Daisy beachy take on the idea!

So simple! You can get the aqua blue ball jars on ebay, thrift shops or etsy!!! Or you could use any jar you like!!
And you can get tons of quote ideas all over the internet.

I just used ocean inspired quotes!!! But you could do .....be happy quotes....follow your dreams quotes...friendship quotes....drink lots of wine quotes:) The list goes on and on!!
and I printed mine off in a variety of different fonts on .....you guessed it.....turquoise card stock paper!!
So what do you think!?!!?? Do you like!?!!??
I also used a starfish stamp and a friend quote stamp! Perfect for a beachy friend....don't you think!?!?!

Stay tuned for more DIY simple gift giving ideas!!!!!
and don't forget about my give-away on Black Friday.....but I think i'll change the name to Turquoise Friday:)
I'll give you a hint....i've partnered up with this lovely etsy artisan.......Left Beach Photos. Check her out to get a jump start on your holiday shopping:)

Have a happy rest of your Sunday! Wine and Crafting for me:):):)

“May your time be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks and sand between your toes." Anonymous


  1. Love the jar and you look super cute on Sundays too!! :) I like the messages in sand and now I am curious as to what you are up to! :) Thank you for your thoughts about my mom and you should really look into the upgraded Picnik, you would have so much fun! :) Have a wonderful week!

  2. Very clever...and fun...and beachy taboot! And speaking of boots (and doggies)...adorable. We just do not do them here. well, that is.

    Your insp pic had me saying...yup...looks like fall.


    Love ya!

  3. Great Idea! I love your sweater, I'm really into gray right now!

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! This is a great idea.
    beachy quotes... check

    I think I can do this!!!
    I think it would make a very sweet gift, I certainly would be thrilled :)

  5. You are too adorable!!! I love that outfit! I agree - if you rock confidence anything that you wear will look great!

    I love the Ball canning jar idea - I think I will line mine with parchment paper and fill it with fudge squares : )

  6. Very cute and best of all easy to make.
    I'm a fan of rolled up jeans too. It's nice to meet another card carrying member of the height challenged club. Your photos with the dogs are are too cute.

  7. This post has cute written all over it! I've been picking through my shells and coming up with Christmas ideas...when I get my act together, I'm posting them...

  8. This is a clever idea! (and you look cute this Sunday morning)

    Jane (artfully graced)

  9. Cute idea! Love your gray sweater. I usually have the opposite problem with jeans being too short :)

  10. This is fabulous!! And what a great job you did!! I just love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. ooooh, I hope you'll do a couple more DIY posts like this one. Love it! and thinking of copying it;)

  12. Awww... love your photos with the pups and love that your hubby indulged you. How sweet is that.

    Great idea - I think I'm going to make my own quote jar. :)

  13. Cute! I love jars in vases and jars, plus, you've given me a great idea for something I've been planning since my return from Sanibel. Oh girl, you are such an inspiration!

    AND, I'm so glad to see you'll be having a beachy Christmas in Puerto Vallarta. Ole! AND, I love all decorations for the holidays, sounds like THE party to be at.

  14. Heather you just gave me the heads up on fashion, haha. Rolled up jeans..., just don't have any skinnies (yet). So my style by the way, cozy sweater and jeans. Love your gift idea with the quote jar!!

  15. Where do you find those little starfish? I can't find them anywhere here in Texas?

  16. Oh Heather..., I'd love to feature your quote jar...., and read your other sea quotes!!! Would you post them..., or email them to me?


  17. The world can never have too much Ball-jar-blue!

    m ^..^

  18. Hi sweet friend. Check out my post today. I've been featured on another blog and you're featured in my feature...if that makes sense :-)


  19. You look better unshowered than I do showered and ready to go. haha

    Love your Christmas ideas and the decorating of your table!

  20. Good morning! I came over to say hello, and got involved in all of your posts...the gorgeous aqua and white colors, the beaches, the rocks, crafts, and just everything made me want to stay for awhile. So I spent some time reading, looking, and just enjoying.
    Thank you for your sunny outlook on life.
    You made my day.

  21. Gifts from the sea, the heart, and your hands... perfect :-)

  22. love this :) i think it's an amazing gift that i just might need to try making for myself first... and then i'll gift!

  23. I love your jar! I am a "quote collector" and love to find little tidbits to inspire me. I have been working a jar for my kids to have when they have a bad day...365 reason why I love you. If they are having a bad day they can pull out a little note from a jar to build themselves back up.

  24. Love your easy, ball jar crafts...but I selfishly want to keep all the ball jars for moi. Do you think it makes me look cheap to give others the spaghetti sauce jars?:D


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