{Happy Days}

I can hardly stand myself....the sun has been shining all week!! I tell you I am like a totally different person when the sun shows it's pretty little face.

I have been happily crafting away and finally found a place for my frame and my turquoise wreath.
Let's see what you think.......
The Frame~ I turned it into a charming little jewelry holder!
If you have any cute frames you could easily do this too. Just staple some wire to the back and hang it up. You could also add a backing to it ...
like I did with these frames......and here's the whole ensemble...
I have the jewelry frame on one side and the daisy wreath on the other. Happy:)
Oh and notice that sunlight streaming in!!!! I just love it:)

Here's where I put the
turquoise wreath......I just love how that wreath turned out. I want to make a huge one and hang it on the back gate. I think that would look cute. Again...notice the sunlight!! woohoo
And a happy and super simple little craft~

Stamped Beach RocksJust get yourself some alphabet stamps and a stamp pad.and stamp away....These are all rocks that I have collected from Lake Michigan.

I think the stamping would have turned out a wee bit better if I used better stamps {I got mine from the dollar store} or maybe I shouldn't have pushed so hard.
Either way...I still think they look cute! What do you think?!!?
You could stamp happy thoughts on your rocks and put them all around your house to remind you to be happy!

I put mine in a basket with some wine corks, driftwood, and starfish. It's on my coffee table and every time I walk past it...I think of the ocean:)
Makes me happy!
Hope you have a really fabulous weekend.
We are going to Junk Evolution's open house and then making our way up to my favorite place....
The Stray Dog for some vino and pizza.
Life is Good:)

Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.
Drew Barrymore


  1. Super cute idea with the rocks! hey where did you find that little jewlery dress form? I found one at hobby lobby but it was too big for my dresser. I want one of those for my jewelry since I don't have a very big jewelry box, plus all my necklaces always get all tangled up with each other!!!

  2. Your post just exudes happy and fun!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. awesome post! I definitely want to stamp rocks! I try and find rocks with sayings already in them for my mother in law, but this is a great idea because (its inexpensive) i'll be doing it myself :)

    Thanks for posting :)

  4. Will have to try the rocks another time. Yours look so cute.

  5. I think it's awesome to hang the jewelry like that..., I think I remember you hanging pictures in frames in a similar way using clothes clips(?). And I love the rocks!

    Happy Sunny Sunday!!

  6. Oh, I want some of your Lake Michigan rocks! Your stone-stamping project rocks! I'd do it but the gulf beaches don't have any stones. Maybe I can buy some river rocks somewhere...love it! Enjoy your sunny Sunday. I know I will!!

  7. You are so creative, that frame & those wreaths look great : ) What a cool idea for jewelry!

    I have pizza on the menu tonight - yum!!!

  8. They both look so great! I love the jewelry idea.

  9. OMG!! so excited about the rocks....now...will you send me some Michigan rocks?? I collect them from everywhere we go..and write on them where they came from to put in my water fountain in my kitchen...so I can see them and remember a certain trip. Would love to have something from the michigan area...since I don't see me going there anytime soon...and stamping them! My son and DIL are packing right now as I type this to leave to go to our boat in Honduras tomorrow and I just showed this to her. We now have plans to collect and stamp rocks from there!
    And guess what????? I JUST finished my wreath like you made!!
    Love it. Will take pics tomorrow to show you!!

  10. your blog looks so good! And I love that frame - how unique!

    I am totally with you on the whole sun shining bit - I am a totally different person as soon as the weather gets nice - I have been so excited I can barely contain myself@

  11. Those rocks are the best. I think if you had of used better quality stamps it would not have looked as great, the ones you have used really look FAB.

  12. I love this idea!! I have rocks all over my place too but I think I will stamp where they came from. Like when my niece and I went to the zoo and things like that. Great idea!

  13. Such a great idea! I need a new spot for my jewelry and this is such a fun way to display it!

  14. Have I told you how much I love that wreath! The color is beautiful. What a fun post with such cute ideas :)

  15. Beautiful post. Thx for sharing:)

  16. The stamped rocks are perfect for geo-caching! Take something at the location and leave a beautiful little stamped rock!


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