{wreaths: simpledaisy style}

Hello.... hope you had a fabulous weekend:)
You know I am truly going crazy with this weather!! This is the time of the year when I start to get obsessed with the 16 day forcast, just hoping to see a 50 degree day. I haven't seen it on there yet....but I have my fingers crossed.
I took a walk around the house today....and look at what is poking their sleepy little heads out of the ground:)
At least the daffodils know that spring is right around the corner:)

Today I spent the day crafting! You know I love that..
Let's see what I made.
But first...the thing about crafting and being creative is to just keep it simple! Don't try and make things too complicated.
Sometimes you can even re-work something you already have.
That's just what I did with this
wreath. Remember it from this autumn! I love to make winecork wreaths. Simple and cute:) I just changed out the yellow daisies for white ones. walllaaa it's a new wreath:) Don't try and reinvent the wheel, right?!?!?
Don't you just love the blue door?!?? I do...it makes me so happy:)I forgot to show you what I added to my front door after seeing someting similar on Lime in the Coconut. {the hello} You have to give credit where credit is due...right?!?!?

I think it looks charming...

Now I just can't wait until I can put some happy little flowers in those pots. Here's how it looks in the summer:)
You know my love affair with daises and so couldn't resist making a really simple wreath.Get yourself a good hot glue gun, one of those floral wreath forms and lots of daisy bunches. I just pop the tops off and hot glue them to the wreath.I love it...turned out so adorable! At least I think so:)
I ended up hanging it in our bedroom!Next I made another wreath....in my favorite color..TURQUOISE!
It turned out fabulous.Get a wreath form & spray paint it aqua blue.After it dries...glue on those glass things that people put in vases with flowers!
Oh my gosh...it turned out better than expected! I love it.
Now I just need to find the perfect spot for it!!It's so great to be crafty!
What crafts do like to do!?!?! Oh and let me know if you give these little crafts a whirl:)

Hope you have a really wonderful week:)

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” Vincent van Gogh


  1. Clever girl!!! I love your front door...I missed out on the "before". What did you do to the front door after you saw something on Linda's blog? White trim? I need a lift for my own blue front door...looking for ideas...

  2. These are adorable. I don't know which one is my favorite! Plus they are totally doable...I hate when you see an awesome craft on line and cant find the darn materials to make it. Nice work!

  3. So adorable and gorgeous! I've never made a wreath, ha!

    Just today we discovered some daffodils sticking out too!

  4. Love them both!!!! I will totally be doing that turquoise one : )

    The door is too cute!

    I am inspired now : ) & I am really wanting a ruffle shower curtain!!!

  5. Ok. I'm making the turquoise wreath...that is tooo cute! I think it would be awesome on your dining room table as the centerpiece with some fresh flowers in the middle....some "daisies" maybe??
    OMG.....just finished re-doing my bedroom in shabby chic and need something for one wall. A huge wreath made like this would be perfect hanging by vintage ribbon on a mirror!!!!! Thanky SD...for your creativity.....

  6. I just had to check outside to see if any daffodils were popping up here too and they are. The turquoise wreath is fab. It must look so pretty when the sun hits it. P.S. the hello on the door is so unexpected.

  7. You do such nice work! the blue one would look cool on the table with a pedestal vase with a fish swimming around in it!
    I hope you can make it to our Grand Opening this weekend. I am planning on a blog party one of these days so we can all finally meet, I'll keep you posted!

  8. Love those wreaths - great idea on the corks too.

    Unfortunately, I am NOT crafty at all.

  9. Hello everyone!!'
    Glad you like the crafty little things I am making lately!!
    Hope it goes well if you do give one of these a whirl!

  10. I simply adore creative people like you. I saw your link on another blog I'm following and decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did. I am following yours now.
    That turquoise wreath is beautiful!
    If you don't mind, I'll add your blog to my recommended sites list. Take care!

  11. Love the blue wreath. Thanks for popping by Beach Vintage.

  12. What a great idea! I have these blue stones but didn't know what to do with them...now I know! I love your wreaths, especially the flower one, gorgeous and your blue door is pretty too.

  13. Love that cork wreath! And the daisy one, too. Oh, and your door. :)

  14. Holy Wow, I love that turquoise wreath - well all of them actually, but especially the turquoise one!!

  15. I love the turquoise wreath. You might want to link this party to my Turquoise Tuesday Party. Lovely!

  16. Just stumbled upon your daily wreath, I think its great!

    Im not too sure about blogging etiquette, I plan to make the wreath wanted to link your blog post (ya know, give you credit and all).. I wanted to ask if you minded before I did it..

    (my blog is http://archintrain.blogspot.com

    Have a great day!

  17. These are adorable. I don't know which one is my favorite! Plus they are totally doable i like it so much.gifts send to

  18. All your creation are so blue and wow! love it!

  19. absolutely gorgeous wreaths!!!!

  20. What type of glue do you use for the aqua wreath?

  21. So I'm working on a turquoise wreath, but all my glass things keep falling off!! Did you wash yours first? What am I doing wrong?? Help! Layla


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