The weather is really crummy here today...so I can't help but to tinker around! I should be on the treadmill running...BUT I can't seem to make myself!! I hop onto etsy and what do I see??? A guitar strap!! I really...really...really want a guitar...Why I don't know!! In my dream world I think it would be super cool to be Sheryl Crow!! I know...somebody else's life always seams so great on the outside!! Forget that I should be thankful for being me ......I am creative, I am athletic, I have a wonderful husband, I have a great job, I have the best friends, I have fun pets, I have my health, I have a nice home....what more could I want for?????
But instead I am sitting here dreaming of what it would be like to be somebody else...
Well as Dave Matthews said
"I find sometimes it's easy to be myself
Sometimes I find it better to be somebody else"
So true...So true!!

BUT since Thanksgiving is just around the corner...I think we all need to take the time to really look inside ourselves and realize all that we have to be truly thankful for!!
Have a thankful day!!!

one....Gibson Guitar
two....Moxie and Oliver


  1. What a lovely post -- seriously, the ol' internets could use more sentiments such as this!
    Love your blog!

  2. SO SO SO true! We all need to really sit down and thank our blessings. Something as simple as good health! You should get a guitar though! Rob Manuszak came up a few weekends ago and brought his guitar. He said it's a great stress reliever, he just sits around some nights and plays around. I could see you doing that and being really good.

  3. The guitar strap makes me want to have a guitar, hmmmmm two of the boys play - that might make a good Christmas gift, well not a flowery one. And this made me think that I could use a lovely camera strap!


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