{dreams II}

After I just finished my previous post my husband walks in from work and I yell "hi" to him.....
I finish up what I am doing here..you know I am not one to rush to the door to greet him...I walk into the kitchen and what is on the table but this fabulous perfume that we had just looked at while out shopping yesterday!! YIPPEE!!!

Image coutesy of Macy's Department Store

Just think in the previous post {pre my husband coming home} I am dreaming of someone else's life blah..blah..blah...and ta da...I really should count my blessings and be truly thankful for the fabulous husband that I have!!!

Sometimes....you just need a little something special to really make you stop in your tracks and be thankful for all that you have!!! Thanks sprinkles.....

On a side note: I think you can tell by now that I am a fairly frugal shopper...HOWEVER....perfume is one splurge I am willing to make!! I love a really fabulous perfume...it just makes me feel really happy!! So..go ahead and make one splurge on something you truly love!!!


  1. What a very thoughtful gesture of your husband to make. Sometimes they can really surprise us. It keeps life fun!!!

  2. What a sweet husband! Yay for new perfume!

  3. you won my blog giveaway! Email me your address so that I can get the cards on their way to you! Thanks for entering and nice to meet you.



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