{soulful people}

Well Hello & happy sunshiney Saturday to you!

Last night we had a little dinner party with some very special people:)

It all starts out with these plates!
and well.....since I like to be honest with you I have to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth:)

When I was much younger...in my early 20's....
I was married for 10 seconds...OK...not really 10 seconds but 8 months.
I can laugh about it now...but it sure didn't feel very funny back then.
Anywho....it turns out that my then Mother in Law bought me these vintage plates as my college graduation present and for all these years i've saved them.
This spring I decided to bring them out because I thought they'd be pretty for spring.
Well it made me think of her and just how much she meant to me....

Actually...I am still friends with my ex-husband...feels funny to even say that....since we were only married 8 months...

And i'm still friends with his mom, Janice....

I have to say that I am very proud of that fact...
Proud that as much as I admired her and looked up to her she didn't turn me away when I decided to leave her son.
Proud that after all of these years she is still my friend.
Proud that she is still someone in my life who's opinion I greatly admire.

So anyway... we had her and her significant other over for dinner last night!
I was so excited and happy to have saved those plates all of these years.

Note to yourself.....never ever get rid of meaningful gifts from other people!

Now...you know...i've gone through my beachy style...my I want to be cool and modern style...my wine country style...my this and that style..
and those plates...may have made their way to the basement more than a few times but I never got rid of them.

and so when I set my table for spring....I messaged her to tell her I still had her plates and that they were gracing my table this spring!
She couldn't believe I saved them after .... let's see...about 15 years:)

I can say....many ... many things in my house have significant meaning to me! And maybe they don't always go with the current trends they sure make me happy!

I always think your home should be a direct reflection of you....not a catalog or a magazine.
The minute someone walks into your home....they should know something about you.

anywho....since I was so excited about them coming over...the girls sensed it and L.C. waited patiently at the window until they arrived:)
and Ruby...well...Ruby is a jumper....I guess that's why I never spend a lot on clothes!
Everything I wear either has red wine stains on it....or muddy paw marks!
A sign of a well lived life I say:)

I always get a little nervous to cook for Janice because cooking is her specialty! She owns the cutest little Deli in our area and she taught me most everything I know about how to cook!
and she taught me all about red wine!! She is the first person who ever introduced me to the love of my life....RED WINE:)

I was glad my little tulips held on until my dinner party!
Fresh flowers just make me so happy.
The best $$$$ i've ever spent:)

The little hyacinth was starting to fall over but no worries....I just stuck a fork in it!!
ps....if you'd like to purchase cute little stamped silverware you can get them here......

 We just had the best evening...
laughing...drinking...eating and talking about life's journey:)
Oh...I forgot to mention...the little doilies...
now those remind me of my great grandmother!
She had doilies....EVERYWHERE!
I have 3 of her vintage lace tablecloths...i'll have to pull those out sometime!
But these doilies were just a dollar at Micheal's!
Can't beat that!

Of course I was wondering around before they came just tinkering with my camera!
It's no wonder my husband thinks I'm such a dork:)

Drumroll please....
Here she is!!
And i'm telling you what....she is one beautiful woman!
I won't tell you her age...but I can say I bet it's a lot more than you think it is!!!!
She just makes my soul sing!

And her significant other....
He makes my soul sing too!
Just love them and so happy they are still in my life!

And of course...my husband:)

Hope you have people and things in your life that just make your soul sing with happiness:)
I don't have a million people in my life...but the ones I do have....have been my friends for a very long time:)
I am blessed that's for sure:)

Have a fabulous weekend!! I'm off to spend a little time creating happiness for my shop:)

Until you know that life is interesting - and find it so - you haven't found your soul. ~Geoffrey Fisher


  1. Love this little story for so many reasons.....love that you celebrate simple blessings in your life!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Heather. I just love reading your blogs. You are blessed!

  3. Beautiful. That's all I'm going to say ... just ... beautiful.

    Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

  4. What a lovely evening! And a great story!

  5. Great story! Not many would have kept in touch after your history. CHEERS! to you both *clink*

  6. So much of your story touched my heart. My son, who must be about your age is just going through a divorce and I certainly do not hate his soon to be ex. Your comment about surrounding yourself with meaningful items is so important. I love to look around my house and notice little things tucked away that others might question, but evoke special memories for our family.

  7. Love this post! and I live by that quote - only soul singing going on here!!

    Thanks for popping by & leaving me such a sweet comment. Love your adorable dogs!


  8. You have a very special way of gathering people into your life and loving them through life, Heather! That's what makes you one of a kind, girlie! I'm so glad that you're doing well and are happy and healthy - and looking just as cute as ever! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. This has to be one of the best posts I've read in a very long time. The fact that you are both still intertwined says so much about what wonderful people you both are!

    Kat :)

  10. Your table looks great with everything on it. I especially love that you decorated with wine corks. I love em. The quote is perfect and something that should be lived by ;) Its amazing how life works and how God keeps the important people close to you. The food looks great lol.

  11. What a cool story Heather - and it says so much about you. This whole post does. You are a beautiful person!

    I am off to check out the new stuff in your shop : )

  12. I love that there are flowers everywhere!!!! I miss your updates :) I think I'll go buy myself some flowers now <3

  13. your home is beautiful and dinner looks delicious! :) thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comment. I HAD to take a peek at your jewellery shop as well....stunning work! so happy to have found your shop! :) Rebecca

  14. I love that tablescape with the doilies and wine corks. You are so creative! I bought the same colored tulips a few weeks ago:) I'm also haveing a dog supplement giveaway perhaps you are interested. Cheers

  15. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful and special evening. I always love fresh flowers too :)

  16. First of all, I LOVEEEEEEE your kitchen! And second, I love that all your clothes have either red wine stains or paw prints on them - we must be seperated at birth!

  17. What a perfect get-together! I love each little detail.
    Friendship sure has nothing to do with age...but she does look
    very young!
    btw...I love beets too!

  18. What a neat story and so cool you saved the plates all those years! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dinning room. It's so fun and classy all at once.

  19. What fun and wonderful photos! I'm so glad we can take LOTS of photos now to help with our memories! ♥

  20. I really enjoyed your story dear Heather, how nice that you have been able to keep that friendship .

    One thing is for sure, your home feels like YOU. Even though I haven't been there, in some ways I feel like I have shared a few meals via the blogosphere in your dining room. It's always so pretty and inviting. I hope you are enjoying the good weather in the Bend. I hear it was in the 70s today! xo L

  21. It sounds as if you're in a happy place...glad to see you're out of the winter doldrums, Heather :)
    xxoo Becky

  22. First, you are SO lovely.
    Second, I love the fairy
    lights around the mirror.
    Third, your dogs are adorable.
    Fourth, you must be as
    amazing as you sound to
    maintain a friendship like that!
    Fifth, your hubby is adorable, too.
    Sixth, you've captured a fun
    night, just perfectly!

    Happy Friday,
    xx Suzanne

  23. This looks like such a wonderful evening. I think it's really great you saved the plates and have a relationship with your former Mother in Law.
    Thank you for the kind mention of my stamped silverware!

  24. What a wonderful story! I'm so happy that you were able to stay close to your former mother-in-law! How awesome is that!

  25. This reminds me I need to invite some friends over soon. It's been too long. And what a lovely table display, btw!

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  27. Did you give any left overs to Ruby? I'm sure she would love that. That's crazy that you were only married for 8 months. I'm glad you are still friends. When it comes to marriage and romantic relationships sometimes it just cant work out even when you really want it to.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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