{Hello Midwestern Spring}

Well Good Morning to you!

Let me just tell you.....we have been experiencing some of the most amazing weather in March i've ever seen!

And...well....it's made me go bananas with wanting to do a million things all in one day!

Most people...maybe not most people....but the fancy bloggers with 1.6 million readers tell you to post daily...don't post too much all at one time...take beautiful pictures...link to this and that...etc...etc.

But if you know me at all....well I say rules were just made to be broken!
So....without further ado....here's my cram too much stuff into one post...post:)

It's just a little sprinkling of everything I did yesterday:)
Well...minus the bike ride and cleaning the pond out:) I didn't think you needed to see that! heehee!

I woke up early to {try and} photograph the sunrise! It has just been spectacular lately....I mean really, really amazing!
The kind of sunrises that just make my soul sing with pure happiness!

So I poured my coffee into my travel mug...loaded the dogs up...grabbed my camera and just went driving around to soak up the beauty of a sunrising spring morning:)

To see such beauty in nature is just hard to put into words how it makes me feel.
The only way to describe it is....I just feel truly alive and at peace in my soul.

As I practice and try to learn about photography i'll be sharing my pictures here....hope that's ok with you:)
The pictures make me super happy....so I hope they bring a little peace and joy to your day too!

There is so much to learn with photography and I am completely just getting started....but I figure it's something that you can spend a lifetime doing and still not know it all:)

The kind of photography that I am completely bananas about is....
sun flare photography.
I think it looks vintage-y and warm and happy.
So I kind of set out to practice that:)

I was lucky enough to find some beautiful horses on my country drive. I love horses.....if I hit the lottery i'd have a tiny...tiny beach cottage and a farm in the country with a barn, with dogs, horse, chickens, organic gardens and enough property to have a large pond!
But for now...i'll settle for my country drives:)

It's so true....everything worth anything doesn't cost a dime.
Well unless you count the gas to drive around...but even then...you could just ride your bike around the country and soak up natures beauty that way!

I just really think it's so very important to take the time to see the beauty of everyday. To set time aside to listen to the birds sing their sweet songs of love....to take notice when the ducks and geese start pairing up....to breathe in the fresh spring air....to listen to the raindrops hitting the roof without the tv on...
To just experience all that life has to offer:)

Anywho...it was just one of those mornings where I was just happy to be alive.
I spent about 2 hours out in the countryside and when I came back home I felt truly ready to start my day!

See I told you this was the kind of post that goes...on and on:)
Later on in the day....after lunch, cleaning the pond and going for my bike ride I clipped some forsythias just to tinker around:)

Geesh....it's so hard to take a picture like I see in my mind!
Yesterday I took 523 pictures and only liked 9!!

But it's ok....you can't learn anything if you don't practice!
If you want to do anything well....you have to spend time every single day doing it:)

Of course Ruby and L.C. had to get involved!
And since I haven't shown you them in awhile....I thought...why not:)
It's cute because even L.C. was happy yesterday! Happy enough to give Ruby a little kiss:)
I'm sure Ruby was really happy....because L.C. is the top dog...the one in charge and she likes to let Ruby know it! So a kiss was pretty nice in her world!
See....we all appreciate the little things in life:)

Anywho...even animals are just so happy when spring rolls around in these parts!

Their joy comes from chasing squirrels! They LOVE it....and I think  the squirrels secretly like to tease them! The squirrels always stay just out of reach but flick their tales and make sounds to tease the dogs:)
I feel sorry for the squirrels if one of these girls ever catch one!

Even weeds can be cute, right! Especially when they are placed in the back of a vintage turquoise truck!

And of course....
no day would be complete in my world if I didn't enjoy a little wine at an outdoor patio!

So we headed to New Buffalo to enjoy an evening dinner...OUTSIDE!
I can't believe I am even saying that in March! But i'll take it:)
I know it was St. Patty's day...but there was no way you were going to see me step foot inside of a tent party on day like yesterday!

and well...tinkle lights...what's life without twinkle lights:)
It's funny because half of the twinkle lights were burned out from winter.....
no one expected 80 degree days in March!
But who cares...there were enough twinkle light glowing to make me happy!!
Ok...well...Hope you enjoyed your day with me!!!
and hope you enjoy today!
Right now it's raining so i'm going to spend a little time working in the studio!!!


"Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day." W.Earl Hall


  1. Heather I look forward to your long lovely posts!
    Loved spending the day with you... Great feather earrings...
    Your quotes are very inspiring.. So glad your back!! <3Karen

  2. Your photos are beautiful! Nice job. I love the outdoors also and enjoying nature.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Heather, I LOVE your top!

    Beautiful photos too!


  4. A woman after my own heart! Nothing beats nature. Lovely post!

  5. What a lovely post!!! It's nice to see you happy & feeling well... really cute picture, Heather!!!

    Happy springtime!
    ~ Jutta

  6. I love when it's time to don the sandals and put away the coats! Same great weather here in VA, and much needed rain now this evening. I was remembering that we got 30 inches of snow this week in March back in 1993! No thank you!! I hope your warm days continue.

  7. Heather, this post has me grinning ear to ear! The photos are all beautiful, and I adore the ones of Ruby and LC.

    I can't wait to go out to eat, and enjoy my dinner in the outdoors. I will have to find a place around here that has twinkle lights outside! Or, I could just put some up around our grill??? That would work too : )

    Beautiful post!

  8. Lovely pics!! I love Spring...it's such a time of feeling renewed in so many ways. Nice to see you post and glad that blog post rules get broken! ;-)

  9. Lovely pics and sounds like it was a great day! We had amazing weather all weekend as well and I loved being outside.

  10. Hey chicky!! You can ask any professional photographer and they....well, some will....tell you that if you can get one perfect shot out of 50, you're way lucky!! I did a shoot last week that took two days and I'm very happy to have gotten a dozen good images out of over 500! Sure, photoshop can correct most but I get a real thrill out of getting great shots straight out of the camera! Sure skill is involved but there's a whole lotta luck involved too!! Just keep shooting and having fun and you'll get exactly what you desire!!!!! Love the vintage truck, by the way. Great prop!!!

  11. Hi Heather, it looks like you had a great ride those are some lovely pictures and I love your girls.

  12. Hello
    {Hello Midwestern Spring}
    Amazing blog post as always! I am very glad to see your post, I located what I was in search of here
    Thank you!

  13. I think your photos are beautiful :)

  14. That was fun, Heather...thanks for the daytrip!

  15. awww the horses!!! Love that pic !! I sent you and email too about the bag i have , the fringe one .. have a lovely weekend

  16. What beautiful spring photos! And it just wouldn't be a post without a shot of you with a glass of vino!! Cheers!

  17. Wow - you had me at that very first photo. Just gorgeous. I'm loving our beautiful midwest March this year. It's amazing!

  18. Just love your photography, life outlook and this beautiful blog of yours! Thank you so for stopping by my blog today...so that I could find you!!!

  19. I love the nature that surrounds you and your beautiful pups!


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