{Happy Little Beach Day}

 Hello there:)

Thanks for all of your kind words on my last post! I appreciate that you would understand if I decide to end my time blogging.
For right now......it is something I completely enjoy and i'll just continue to focus on that! No rules about trying to post 3x a week or make so many crafty things a month or attend a blog conference to try and grow my little blog.....i'll just focus on keeping it a positive expereince that I enjoy!! And hope that you enjoy too:):)

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to enjoy picture perfect weather here in Indiana! And I can tell you that means only one thing to me.......time to head to the beach!!!!!

On Friday night we loaded up the dogs and packed a little cooler and headed straight to the beach! Mt. Baldy to be exact!
I don't know much in life.....but I do know without a doubt....my soul rests when I am in nature!
I feel so relaxed whenever I get to spend a little quality time just soaking up the beauty in nature:)

It always makes me come away feeling rested, rejuvinated and more appreciative of my life!

And I think the girls enjoy it too!!!
L.C. especially....she's a girl after my own heart with a deep love of the beach and the water!
Ruby....she's still not too sure about the water....but she tries:)
I think they were both just so happy to be outside on such a lovely evening!
Even dogs appreciate a little sand between their toes:)
It was just the best evening!
And I am pretty sure I enjoyed it even more knowing that it will be the last warm beach night we will have until next summer.
Sometimes you just have to get out there and enjoy the day!
I was surprised that on such a gorgeous evening their weren't more people soaking in the last bit of "summer" before grouchy ol man winter set in.
But I was thankful that we pretty much had the beach to ourselves!
I tinkered with taking photos.
 The girls played on the beach and in the water.

My husband enjoyed a little stone skipping time!
He was pretty good at it too....:):)

I say it all the time....I don't need fancy things whatsoever in life....I just need a little time in nature!
I could probably live in a tent on the beach and be perfectly content.
Well....as long as I had a little vino too, that is:)
 I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be than outside!

And I always come away with a handful of free crafting materials!
I thought these perfect little beach pebbles just need to become something.....so I filled my bag before we left!
I love how the beach pebbles are smoothed by the constant action of the waves. Made me think that sometimes instead of going against something that keeps occuring and is bothering you....just let it be....be like a beach pebble in the sand .....maybe the situation is meant to smooth you out:)
Who knows.....either way....I was just so appreciative to have one more time with my toes in the sand, sunshine on my shoulders and big smile on my face!!!!

Have a super happy and inspired week!

"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others." Peace Pilgrim 


  1. Hi Heather! I am happy you decided to keep blogging on your own terms. I sometimes am turned off by some of the "professional" blogs out there. I really like a blog to feel like a personal journal. Your day at the beach looked lovely! Have a terrific week!

  2. Beautiful and tranquil and a perfect "goodbye until I see ya again..." GREAT pics, girl!

  3. WOW!! thanks for such an inspiring post today! always love your posts!

  4. Beautiful photos Heather! It was so amazing here last week, we got out to the beach a couple times but just to drive through. It is so windy here now and the waves are amazing. I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for always being so inspiring.

  5. I am also at peace in nature...and I have to say, reading your blog too:) Can I pitch a tent and move to the beach also?
    I completely understand your desire to blog on your terms. I made this decision awhile back. I also decided to never feel I had to respond to each comment. I love them all, truly, but sometimes we need time. I hoped my friends would understand. Some did, some didn't...but it's all good:)

  6. What a gorgeous and uncrowded beach...the best kind! So glad that you got to enjoy a last little bit of Summer.

    I think nature is very calming too. I love sitting on the beach like that and just relaxing and soaking it all in.

    Happy Monday!

  7. what a perfect evening - beautiful! lovely post too heather, i love nature and just settling in it - everything else just seems to melt away and not matter too much.

    this post makes me want to have a mental health day and just get outside.

    the pups are super sweet too : )

  8. Interesting thought about being like a beach pebble, allowing ourselves to be smoothed over by the sand in our lives. I like that.

  9. A lovely post Heather. Looks like all were taking in the last of summer. I don't want to give up the sandals yet!

  10. Glad to hear that you are flexible enough to post only as you really feel the desire...it's always a push-and-pull, isn't it?

  11. Hey Heather....Loved seeing those summery, beachy photos of you both. :) So stinkin' cute! I also loved your thought about the lake pebbles being tossed around and worn in all the right places. It's so very true. Thank you for always being so introspective, uplifting, and inspiring, my friend. Luv ya for that. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. Hi Heather, I always enjoy your positive outlook. Being by the seashore is always calming for me too. We are blessed :)

  13. Looks like it was a perfect evening. Your photos are gorgeous. Those little pebbles are wonderful and would make great filler for a vase or a candle.

  14. Lovely photos! Your doggies looked like they had fun.

  15. Hi there

    I'm baaaack! I've been a bad blog friend and haven't visited much lately, but I've had a good excuse :)

    Gorgeous photos. This wine lover would have loved to be there too.


  16. I love your photos, especially your happy smiling face when you are outside at the beach. The cows are pretty cute too. If you get a minute could you tell me how you write over your pictures. I love that feature. I have a mac — could I do it on a mac? Happy day, and if you don't blog as often which I can understand, I hope you at least keep doing it so we won't have to miss the happiness you bring completely.

  17. You are so very fortunate to live by the sea...those of us who don't have to spend big bucks and make lots of plans to get to one and even then the weather might be iffy. Then it is another year or maybe more until you can save up and get away to take a chance again on the weather LOL. Sometimes I'd give anything to be able to walk on a beach. We just returned from Key West which didn't have much of a beach ...water was dirty and too cold. I'm not really a complainer! :) Just sounds like it!

  18. my dog loves to be at the beach. She jumps right into the water and loves to tan. Nothing is more of a treat for her then time at the beach. Whatever you decide to do with blogging or not blogging we support you. We just want you to be happy.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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