{Happy Autumn Day}

How are you today!?!?

Lately i've been sort feeling like i'm at a crossroads.
I've been questioning whether or not to quit blogging.

I absolutely love it.....but sometimes I feel like it takes up so much of my time and wonder if it's really worth continuing.......
That's probably why you've noticed a slow down in my posting.

There are just so many things I want to do and accomplish and it's just hard to keep up with it all.

Like....learning to use my camera.....i'm proud to say....I haven't taken it off the Manual Mode since I got it! But.....it takes MUCH LONGER to get a single decent photograph!

I told myself I would spend 15 minutes each day photographing random things! I am a learn on my own kind of girl....but I wonder if I might need a class or two.

Either way....I am just taking some time to decide what is really most important to me.....so that I can focus and not spread myself too thin.
Know what I mean!?!?!?!

 The other day I decided what I really needed was a simple country drive.
Nature...in any form....allows my soul to rest.
Gives my spirit a renewed perspective.

So I loaded the girls {my dogs that is} into the car, turned on a little Garth Brooks {country drives call for country music in my opinion} and started driving!

It was just what I needed.
I found so much beauty in the simplest of things.
And my heart started to feel refreshed and happy.

I allowed myself some time to reflect on all that I am happy and thankful for.

Sometimes just taking a little down time is all you need to clear your mind.
And stopping to talk to cows along the way helps too!
 I have no doubt the farmer thought I was nuts as he drove past me standing on the side of the road photographing his cows.

But I think the cows were happy to have a visitor.
They all came up the fence to say "hello!"
 Almost made me want to move to farm so that I could have a pet cow!!!!!
I think I would name her Lola.

Haha! So fun to dream right. And really...I wouldn't make a very good farm girl.
On second thought....maybe I would.
I am a dirt rustler....rugged kind of a girl.

You know....I looked up the definition of rugged the other day....because I was using that word in describing my jewelry and I realized that it also fits me as a description.

So maybe....my designs and who I am as a person are starting to flow together.
Maybe that's why I am feeling so right about Simple Daisy lately.
I don't know......but I am much happier with the rustic...ruggedness of my designs.
Rugged....perfectly imperfect...shaped by life's experiences!

Back to the cows...

It was so funny that all the cows were shoving their way up tot he fence to see me:)
and this sweet cow seemed to be saying....wait...come on....let me get up there too...
I was just standing on the side of the road smiling and laughing!
Laughter is so good for you:)

 Taking time to just think is so good for your spirit!
Do you take times like that for yourself!?!!??

 And never forget......that rules are meant to be broken:)

It's ok to change...grow....as life's experience move you along....just keep focused on the positive and remember that life is just so short.....we can't waste one day doing things that don't bring our hearts joy!

And if we HAVE to do things that don't bring joy...find a way to look at the positives of the situation:)
Have yourselves a very lovely and inspired weekend!!

"It is up to you to decide whether or not you’re ready to be free, really free. This pertains to your relationship as well as your activities in the world. You are limitless, if you choose that! Your freedom comes from letting go. Freedom means empowerment to be, do, go, feel, whatever your heart tells you. Only you have kept yourself from having this freedom out of some misunderstanding of what your responsibilities really are. Your responsibilities are to your Self. Serve that truly, fully, and you serve All." Alma Daniel


  1. Hmmm, pretty sure I would miss your blog posts if you quit! Please keep writing! :-) It's great that you are finding your true style and making it come alive in your designs.

  2. Oh I really hope you don't stop blogging. I really enjoy your blog and your pictures. You have such a lovely outlook and spirit about things. I really would miss it and you too!

  3. Great post. I love to take a long drive in the country, it slows me down and allows me to fully breathe. Fall is my favorite time of year to do just that! It's beautiful today in good ole IN. Enjoy the day : )

  4. No don't stop blogging!! I enjoy your posts and lovely photo's...and love to see your beautiful jewelry..

  5. Heather, I think you just need to keep being you (whoever that happens to be, on whatever day it is). Post as you see fit, it might be once a month, once a week or once a day depending on what's going on in life. I don't think you should feel obligated to blog when you're busy or when you just don't feel like it. Try taking a hiatus and posting a gone fishin' sign. Maybe a little vacation from it will change your outlook.

  6. Lovely post Heather!!

    I like your honest approach to blogging...you just put it out there and I enjoy reading that.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    ps...love the Indiana sign...that's my son's name. :-) (he's actually in my latest post)

  7. Those cows are adorable. We have horse farms close by but it's so hard to park to take photos.

    As for blogging it is a lot of time and it's okay to slow the pace down as much as you need to.

    If it's a burden right now take a break.

  8. I loved seeing your photos and your lovely country roads driving tour!
    My approach to blogging is to do it when I feel like it. I could do a lot more and have a lot more followers but I have a life! If I was selling something I can see how the pressure is more. You have a lovely blog and we would all miss it if you decided to end it. It should be fun and if it's not then I understand your dilemma.
    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  9. Well, if it's any comfort or encouragement, love your post today (as always) and those adorable cows with your cow thoughts/comments are precious - your camera work is great...

    Best Wishes on whatever you decide ---

    beachside cottage

  10. You write a beautiful blog and I love looking and admiring your photography. I do understand it takes time. I was studying this year and I stopped for 3 months. I could not wait to get back to reading blogs, I don't know what it is but I feel relaxed when I am reading blogs. Mimi xx

  11. lovely photography and your natural writing style and positive thoughts are always inspirational!! we would miss you if you stopped blogging : ( but understand you have lots to do..

  12. Love the Moo faces! I hear ya on stopping blogging. I too think about it. Follow your heart and head. You know just how to do that!

  13. You are doing so well on manual! That is how I forced myself to use my camera. I'm still learning and I still take a lot of bad shots to get the few I like.

    The cows are so cute and the day looked beautiful!

  14. Gorgeous photos Heather, I love the cows! I understand where you are coming from on the blogging, but like the others above said, follow your heart, do what you want and when you feel it.
    Enjoy your day, it is gorgeous out!!

  15. ohh please Heather, don't quit. I really enjoy your blog. You can't imagine how far your positives words go (to Brazil - South America). It help me to improve my English because I'm still studying and at the same time makes my soul to feel better and make me think to have a better life too.
    I think is the same with many other people that read your blog.
    And besides that, you are making me love Indiana.:-)

  16. I sure hope you don't stop blogging and sharing your photos and stories! You have seemed so honest and real right from the start and many of us identify with you! I don't like to waste time but I've come to feel that blogging is strengthening my friendships so the time I spend is worth it. I love being able to share my photos, too! I started blogging to share my photos with my family...and I have a BIG family! We have 6 kids and 6 grandkids....just to start with! But they don't look at my blog very often so I'm pleased to have friends now that enjoy my blog and visit often....like you! That's worth a lot to me! I NEED to create though and I know I don't spend as much time on my crafts. So I could be more balanced! Thanks for this post and for visiting me today! Hugs! Diane

  17. I would sure miss your inspiring, down to earth blog postings, even if it was once a month!! I do understand about being spread to thin and today I had to make the necessary changes and say no to things. It's hard, but necessary so we can keep sane and listen to our inner spirit to guide us in what we really need to be focusing on. It's funny, because I have been considering blogging, but i never have the time to sit down and do it. Maybe it's not meant to be for me right now either. time will tell. You seem to be on the right path Heather! Keep listening to your soul!

  18. Hi Heather,

    I love reading all of your posts daily and would really be sad if you quit blogging, but also realize you have a life outside of your "posts". You have been such an inspiration to me and others; you have an amazing gift! It's almost spiritual reading your blogs! You are a creative soul! Your blog is the one I go to first!


  19. I think it would be a loss to the blogging community but a girls has to do what a girl has to do. Take care!

  20. Just found your blog ~ and I really love this post ~ gorgeous Autumn photos and inspiration here!!!


  21. Follow your heart Heather - it will take you to the right place.

    I love reading your blog, but completely understand - my last post was over a month ago. It is jut not where I am at now, I have other things that are more important at the moment.

  22. Well, you know that I understand your feelings, cause I have them too! Back and forth, back and forth. I know you'll figure out what works best for you!

  23. Such gorgeous autumn colors! You live in such a beautiful place. Great choice of music for your drive.

    Happy Autumn!


  24. Step back. Breathe. Think about what really makes you happy without writing it down. THAT will be your gut telling you what's right. Blogland will always be around. Take a break. When you think of it as a chore, it becomes less real. You'll know what's right for your heart!

  25. Hey Heather ~ I truly believe that everyone needs a little blog break once in a while. It's good for the soul and the mind. And it can consume alot of time - thus the reason I only post once/week. But I know that you would certainly be missed GREATLY if you stopped blogging. You are such an inspiration to us all. Always encouraging, uplifting, finding the cup 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty...and such an inspiring friend! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  26. Hey girl, cute cows! I hope you continue on blogging as I enjoy your posts a lot. I dont feel like blogging right now perhaps because of the move. I guess we all have our ups and downs. Cheers


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